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3 Projects Enhanced by Heavyweight Papers

Ask any creative about their preference on paper weight and they’ll tell you—the heavier, the better. Maybe it’s the significant amount of substance it adds to the printed piece, or maybe it’s the additional options for post-press techniques—either way, there’s just something about heavyweight papers that graphic designers absolutely love.

Domtar considers anything heavier than 100 lb. cover a heavyweight paper, and within the Cougar® brand alone there are a multitude of options, all of which are thoughtfully showcased Unleash Cougar. Ready to try one of these premium heavyweight Cougar options for yourself?

3 projects where choosing the right heavyweight paper can make all the difference:

  • Premium Book and Brochure Covers – Working on a high-end brochure or book that needs to command attention? Selecting premium heavyweight paper for the cover will undoubtedly amplify your design. And if you’re planning to add a post-press technique, like an emboss or a foil, a heavyweight sheet is the perfect way to get the most out of your investment. One word of caution—make sure your printer is aware of your paper selection ideas early in the process so he/she can guide you to the best choices in other areas of the project, such as bindery, or warn you of any considerations that should take place during the design process.
  • Business Cards – There’s something about a business card printed on a heavyweight paper that makes the recipient stop and take notice. The additional feeling of substance and weight gives a more premium association to both the business and the individual represented. For the ultimate in sophistication, try a blind emboss on Cougar 130 lb. or 160 lb., Smooth Finish. The combination of heft and the velvety texture will make this card a sophisticated show-stopper.
  • Pocket Folders and Portfolios – Whether you’re creating a media kit, a holder for a series of brochures or need a generic pocket folder, choosing a premium uncoated heavyweight paper will add both beauty and strength.  With Cougar Digital Color Copy 130 lb. Cover, Super Smooth Finish, you’re no longer limited to producing these sorts of projects with offset runs.

One last note: although highly desirable, the decision to use heavyweight papers should be considered carefully and thoroughly vetted with the printer to make sure it’s the right choice for your specific project. Also, if it applies to your project, make sure the printed piece is scored properly to prevent any undesirable end results.

Unleash Cougar® - The Heavyweight Collection

Engaging. Strong. Enduring. We live in a world where people expect more from the brands they love. Whenever a message calls for both style and substance, trust the options in the Cougar® Heavyweight Collection...

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