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4 Reasons the Latest GDUSA Will Make You Want to Keep it Forever


Have you picked up the October issue of GDUSA? If you haven’t, be sure to enter our giveaway immediately! This issue is packed full of great visuals graphic designers will want to keep on hand for inspiration and helpful content creative leaders will want to use for 2021 planning. Additionally, this issue is printed on Cougar¾the uncoated paper that amplifies a brand’s passion, personality and purpose.


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Here are the top 4 reasons to pick up the latest issue of GDUSA:


1) Responsible Designers to WatchAt Domtar, we are thrilled to continue the three-year partnership with GDUSA on sponsoring the Responsible Designers to Watch Per Gordon Kaye, publisher of GDUSA, “As a complement to our perennial and popular special reports — People To Watch(newsmakers and influencers) and Students To Watch (rising graduates of note) and Educators To Watch (influential teachers) — we have added an annual “Responsible Designers To Watch” to the editorial mix. Growing organically out of our longtime “green design” coverage, we are responding to the fact that creative professionals are embracing responsibility writ large in terms of how sustainably they create and produce, yes, but more broadly how, when, why and for whom they work.”


But what makes this year’s list of responsible designers to watch incredibly impressive is how these talented individuals have overcome and thrived in the midst of all the adversity brought on by 2020. The solutions these individuals have come up with are strategic examples that all creative leaders should consider as they plan for 2021. As Gordon Kaye puts it, “…these are creative and thought leaders who use design principles, talents and skills to make the world a better place as they see it. And, in 2020, this is especially meaningful since they are working against the backdrop of a transformational pandemic, a societal reckoning with racial and economic inequality, a bruising national political campaign, a turn toward local and grassroots activity, and a crying need to heal a tearing social fabric. For 57 years, GDUSA has argued that graphic design is a valuable tool for shaping commerce, culture and causes, and should be recognized and rewarded as such. Never has this proposition been as true.”


2) There’s awe-inspiring Graphic Design Inspo – Like every issue of GDUSA, this issue is full of graphic design inspiration for every type of designer. The Fresh section at the beginning of the magazine features boundary-pushing design for major brands (such as Smuckers, Tecate and Waze) and exciting and relevant projects (such as the SHOULDIVOTE initiative from Rule29). Each campaign featured not only showcases stand-out aesthetics but also features strategic use of both print and digital mediums working together to reach the intended target.

3) The Health + Wellness Design Awards – It’s always fun to drool over the latest Pentagram project, but practical design inspiration (that features the types of projects most designers work on) is helpful, too. This issue features The Health + Wellness Design Awards, a competition that, as GDUSA puts it, “honors graphic excellence in this fast-growing, hugely important and high-profile segment of the economy.” But what I like the most about this section of the magazine is the variety. The entries in this contest run the gamut from tradeshow displays, to packaging, to video, to various forms of print and digital marketing from designers that work for a variety of organizations¾in-house departments, design firms, advertising agencies and freelance designers are all featured. Within this vast assortment, there’s sure to be practical design inspiration for everyone.

4) It’s Printed on Cougar! – Once you have the opportunity to pick up this issue, you may notice it delivers a different experience than usual, like an uncoated, velvety surface combined with the ability to deliver vivid color and crisp image quality. You guessed it, this issue is printed on Cougar! This magazine is the perfect testament to the ability of Cougar to amplify a brand’s passion, personality and purpose. When comparing this issue to the previous, it’s easy to see how the high-quality uncoated feel of Cougar can give projects an added level of trust and luxury while still delivering vivid color and unbelievable image detail.

Cougar paper is the perfect canvas for the Responsible Designers to Watch issue because it’s made with the same level of social and environmental commitment. The Cougar® and Lynx® brands from Domtar Paper have built well-earned reputations as trustworthy brands by harnessing a commitment to quality, excellence and purpose, earning the trust of printers and designers for generations. With quality and availability that consistently exceed expectations and bring creative visions to life, our paper can be trusted to deliver on every promise we communicate. Additionally, our purpose and dedication to sustainability are built on values that can only enhance your reputation. All of the vast arrays of options in the Cougar and Lynx lines are sourced from sustainably-managed North American forests where endangered species are protected, workers are provided with fair wages and the rights of Indigenous peoples are respected.


To further celebrate these talented individuals featured in this issue of GDUSA, Domtar is proud the announce that we will be giving away this issue, featuring the Responsible Designers to Watch and printed on Cougar. To receive your copy, simply like and share any of our posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the links below and we will send you a DM.





To learn more about the creatives featured in the GDUSA Responsible Designers to Watch issue, visit Need help spotting a trustworthy brand that reflects your social and environmental commitment? Read the blog How to Spot a Trustworthy Brand.

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