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5 Reasons to Feel Good About Using Domtar Paper

At Domtar, we’ve always believed that how we do things is just as important as what we do. Our goal of leading with purpose is a true testament to our holistic approach to sustainability. From environmentally responsible initiatives, to partnerships that illustrate a common aspiration, to supporting local businesses and communities—it’s evident by our actions that we take sustainability seriously. The result is present in our leading brands and the products they represent, including EarthChoice® Office Paper, Lynx®, Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media, Husky® and Cougar®.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should feel good about choosing Domtar Paper to keep your business moving, share the purpose of your brand with others and reinforce the positive reputation you’ve worked so hard to create:

  • Partnerships that Go Above and Beyond – Did you know that Domtar is the only North American paper company with a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)? In fact, we’ve donated nearly $4 million dollars to the organization since 2008 to support conservation programs around the world. With a mission of conserving nature and reducing the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth, this partnership communicates that Domtar obtains the ingredients to create our paper from forests where endangered species are protected and the rights of indigenous people are respected.
  • Supporting North American Businesses – Domtar calls more than 30 communities home and every 100 jobs in our facilities support an additional 325 jobs in supplier industries and local communities. In addition, Domtar purchases materials and services from local suppliers whenever possible and each year we spend 2/3 of our revenue on materials and services needed to make our products.
  • Responsible Sourcing is Our Key Ingredient – For Domtar Paper, ensuring that forests are healthy aligns with our values as well as our business goals. That’s why we obtain the ingredients to make our paper from forests that are managed responsibly with key initiatives that include protection of biodiversity, species at risk and wildlife habitat, sustainable harvest levels, protection of water quality and prompt regeneration.
  • Keeping North American Forests as Forests – If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you already know how Domtar provides countless resources for printers, converters and designers on how to use our products to get the best results for their business. What you probably don’t realize is we also work with other organizations to help small land owners understand best practices of land management.

Our demand for wood enables landowners an economic reason to keep North American forests as forests and not sell their land for other uses, such as real estate development. Domtar actually takes the process to another level by collaborating with landowners and other partners to promote the benefits of sustainable forest management and third-party certification. We’re proud to be the founder and supporter of Appalachian Woodlands Alliance (AWA) and the driving force behind Four States Timberland Owners Association (FSTOA). Both organizations are designed to help small landowners see the value in certifying their forest lands and how certifications help everyone in the supply chain.

  • Giving More Than We Take – Domtar is committed to constantly improving manufacturing operations that give back to the global system in a positive manner. Here’s a few fun facts:
    • 90% of the water we use in our mills is returned to the watershed from which it came in a condition that exceeds government regulation standards
    • 72 % of the energy we use in our mills comes from renewable biomass fuels, mostly self-generated from our wood processing and pulping byproducts (industry average is 67%).
    • 72% of the electricity used in our mills is self-generated (industry average is 55%).

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