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5 Reasons to Love Cougar Digital Color Copy

People used to believe that digital printing was only for jobs that had to be produced quickly where quality wasn’t a top concern. Thankfully, things have changed. The print quality for digital printing has gotten better over the years and as such, digital printing options—from presses, to sheet sizes, to techniques—have expanded.

One thing that remains of the utmost importance is choosing the correct paper for the printing technology. Domtar’s digital printing papers are engineered to run on digital equipment, leaving you with a printed piece that exceeds your expectations time and time again. When only the best will do, choose Cougar Digital Color Copy for your most important digital printing jobs.

Here are 5 reasons to LOVE Cougar Digital Color Copy:

  1. Impeccable image quality– Expect amazing print results! For over 45 years, the Cougar brand has built a reputation for delivering vivid color reproduction, crisp detail and outstanding performance on press. With Cougar Digital Color Copy, you get the same bright white shade as our premium Cougar Super Smooth sheet that’s also 3-Star Rated and Photo Certified for HP Indigo 5500 series (and higher) presses and works beautifully on both liquid and dry toner machines. The finish is enhanced for optimal ink adhesion, so can trust your printed piece will look great even if it’s handled regularly or mailed. In other words, you no longer have to compromise when you decide to print digitally.
  2. Silky Super Smooth Feel – The tactile experience is one of the many things that make print appealing to marketers, creatives and end users alike. The silky feel of Cougar Digital Color Copy’s Super Smooth finish is sure to create a memorable experience for any brand. This soft, luxurious finish is often described as being silkier than an uncoated smooth finish without the distracting glare of a coated stock. However you choose to describe it, the Super Smooth Finish of Cougar Digital Color Copy is sure to make your printed piece stand out.
  3. Available in a Variety of Weights – Cougar Digital Color Copy is available in today’s most popular weights—from 60 lb. Text to 130 lb. Cover—so your options to create on today’s top digital brand of paper are only limited by your imagination.
  4. Cougar Digital Color Copy 130 lb. Cover – When your digital print job needs additional substance and strength, this weight in the Cougar Digital Color Copy line is built to deliver. Whether you’re creating business cards, invitations, pocket folders, catalog covers or direct mail–the premium quality of this powerful heavyweight will work hard to bring you unstoppable digital results.
  5. Availability – While the quality of digital printing has increased, the lead time for designers and print professionals haven’t. As with any option in the Cougar brand, waiting for paper isn’t something you have to worry about. With ten regional replenishment centers located throughout the United States and Canada, many printers actually receive next day deliveries.

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