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6 Reasons to Love Lynx Opaque Ultra Paper

Let’s face it—standing next to a legendary brand like Cougar paper could shove anyone out of the limelight, so a lot of times Lynx Opaque Ultra paper may not get the recognition it deserves. But, truthfully, there are a lot of reasons to love Lynx. And, no matter where a project takes you, Lynx Opaque Ultra is there to fuel your creative vision.

Here are our top six reasons to love Lynx Opaque Ultra paper:


Authenticity is built on a strong and trusted legacy. Lynx Opaque Ultra paper is proudly North American—and these roots have shaped the Cougar line into a top-tier brand at the foundation of our business. Lynx is a part of that same heritage and is held to the same high standards. What we do is honest. What we offer is real.


 Your opportunities to explore new ideas and expand your creativity should be limitless. Lynx’s broad line of products and variety of options give you that freedom—to go almost anywhere and try nearly anything. Whether your project is mapped out from start to finish, or changing and growing as you go, Lynx offers what you need—letting you push your discoveries as far as your imagination can reach.


Colors pop and skin tones stay true with Lynx’s clean and crisp white shade. Or bring a touch of warmth into your work—our Cream White is a fresh take on a familiar look. Across the spectrum, details are reproduced with sharpness and clarity, giving you the same beautiful results every time.


Not all papers are created equal—and we do it better. Our Lynx Text is thicker and more opaque than other brands, giving you less show-through at a lower basis weight. Relying on Lynx means never sacrificing quality. Whether printing offset, digital or inkjet, details are crisper, colors more vivid and brightness levels are remarkable.


When something’s made well, it just performs better. It’s that simple. Lynx runs smoothly on press with fewer picks and blemishes—keeping the press in top condition and allowing the beauty of the work to shine through. It’s durable enough to handle a range of techniques and even the heaviest ink coverage. Simply put, Lynx is designed to stay strong.


Domtar has always had the highest standards and we believe in staying consistent. From printers to designers to the towns where we run our mills, our partners and employees are a part of who we are—working together to create a true community. Our values and quality make us the paper company you can trust to reflect your brand’s reputation for excellence.

Available in 10% and 30% post-consumer recycled content, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) across the product line and always ethically sourced through North American providers, Lynx is the choice you can believe in.


Let’s face it—different projects have different budgets, and a brand like Cougar may not be in reach for every project. With Lynx Opaque Ultra paper, you get performance and beauty at an incredible value.

Whether exploring beauty, authenticity, performance, versatility, loyalty, quality or value, these moments reveal the wealth of possibility that comes from deciding to go with Lynx Opaque Ultra.

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