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7 Embossing Techniques for Your Next Print Project

Embossing is a post-press technique that stands the test of time—and for good reason. To start, there’s a variety of embossing techniques to choose from that are sure to fit any design style.

Whether your goal is to add an element of minimalist sophistication with a blind emboss, to get that undeniable WOW factor with a sculptured emboss/foil combination or anything in between, there’s an embossed printing option that’s sure to exceed your expectations. Embossing techniques also add an effect that goes beyond the visual; the layer of texture adds another tactile dimension to your printed piece, making it more memorable, enjoyable and valuable to the recipient.

Since embossing also adds an extra step to the print process, it impacts both the cost and timeline of your project. It can be disheartening when they don’t turn out as expected, so that’s why the print experts at Domtar Paper have created a embossed printing guide.

The guide features seven choices for your next embossed printing project. This FREE download also walks you through the process—initial exploration, choosing your embossing options, project planning, execution and communication with your printer— to ensure that your printed piece will meet your creative vision.

If you choose to print your embossed masterpiece on Cougar® or Lynx®Opaque Ultra papers, we would love to share your creative vision so that you can inspire others. Submit your work in our Blueline Gallery to for a chance to be featured.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this print project embossing guide today!

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