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Making Colors Pop on Uncoated Paper

When comes to making colors pop on uncoated paper, there are no other options than the high-quality performances of Cougar and Lynx.

Embossing Basics – Different Dies for D...

Embossing can add a memorable element to your print design but do you know the embossing basics to ensure you have the right paper selection?

Paper Finishes for White Paper, More than Mee...

When we talk about a paper’s finish, we are referring to the tactile feel of the sheet itself. Paper comes in a pretty wide range of finishes. Read more and stay informed.

Cougar w/Purpose – Creating Meaningful Reta...

Creating a retail brand that connects with your audience begins with a vision and purpose. Think of Cougar paper as your conduit to connect.

Meeting the Unique Needs of the Food Services...

Domtar meets the needs of customers in the food services industry who are looking to create unique products for their own customers.

The Gallery Collection Event – Powered by C...

For over seven years, The Gallery has been a platform for graphic designers and printers to share their experience on Domtar Paper. Submit your work.

Certified Virgin Paper Plays an Important Rol...

Which is better for the environment: responsibly sourced certified virgin paper or paper made with recycled fiber? The answer may surprise you. Learn more.

Why Paper Brands Matter: Xerox® Paper and Sp...

Domtar offers two products within the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line, each with its own characteristics that help it stand out from the competition.

The Benefits of Printed Financial Statements

Domtar continues to raise awareness in Capitol Hill for our rights to choose. Learn more about the benefits of printed financial statements.

6 Steps to Creating a Printed Piece with Impa...

Creating an impactful printed piece for your client, brand or even yourself is absolutely achievable. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Introducing the Fall Issue of Paper Matters M...

Print and paper are essential to the brand experience. What’s exciting are the surprising ways businesses are leveraging print. Subscribe to learn more.

Careers in Print: The Finishing Touch

If you're looking for something fast paced and versatile, the print finishing department could be a good fit. Learn more about the bindery role in print.

The Wow Factor: Color Paper Packs a Visual Pu...

Looking for a way to make your next project pop? Use color paper. Take a look at these tips for designing and printing on color paper.

Get Better Results with Uncoated Paper

At Domtar, we are dedicated to producing high-quality uncoated paper. Learn how you can get better results with uncoated paper.

Get in the Paper Gallery! Share Your Work and...

Showcase your exceptional designs printed on Cougar or Lynx paper by submitting your work and getting recognition in the Domtar Paper Gallery.

Office Paper Brands Customers Can Trust

Quality products build loyalty, establish credibility and enhance business reputation. At Domtar, we offer office paper brands customers can trust.

Buying FSC-Certified Paper Helps Protect Our ...

When you have so many paper choices, why choose FSC-certified paper? Learn what it means and why you should consider FSC-Certified Paper.

Three Considerations when Designing for Color...

When designing for color paper, it is important to take the shade of your paper into consideration. Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

How to Make the Paper Swatchbook Work for You

Looking for ways to maximize your print budget and stay on schedule. Here are some tips on how to make the paper swatchbook work for you.

Make an Impact as a Commercial Printer with T...

Commercial printers can attract repeat business through solid research and effective solutions. Here are some meeting ideas to stay top of mind.

How to Use the Paper Swatchbook

New to the print industry? Make sure you know how to use the paper swatchbook to minimize production issues and blowing your print budget.

Are You Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Sea...

Here are a few tips to optimize your campaigns for the busiest holiday shopping season of the year. From print to digital, make sure you're prepared.

Printed Textbooks vs. EBooks

The debate is still on when it comes to printed textbooks vs. ebooks; however, the research shows that students learn better with a traditional textbook.

Designing for Digital Printing

When designing for print, not all designs are created equal. Make sure you know how to package your digital files for the best outcome and avoid fees.

6 Tips to Selecting the Right Digital Printin...

Your choice of digital printing paper can make or break your next project. 

Print Technology and Uncoated Paper

Changes in print technology have changed how we engineer uncoated paper. Learn more about the evolution of uncoated paper and print technology.

Careers in Print: Do You Enjoy Your Professi...

Do you enjoy your profession? If you enjoy collaborating with others and working with your hands, a print estimator role may be the right fit for you.

Designing for Digital Marketing Media

Designing for digital marketing media is more than just a cool design. Make sure to take these 5 tips into consideration before designing for digital media.

Digital Printing and Not So “Plain” Paper

When it comes to putting ink on paper, one would think that plain paper is all the same. Well, we're here to tell you, there's a lot more to talk.

How to Sell Personalized Direct Mail Packages

At 5.1% response rate, direct mail continues to be an effective channel. Here are a few tips to help you sell personalized direct mail to your customers.

Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales From a Large Man

Born in MI, Aaron Draplin moved to Portland, OR after working his way through college. Learn what inspires him to do what he does as a graphic designer.

Back to Print Basics: Part Two

Whether you are new to the industry or have been doing this for years, these 5 tips to avoiding printing mistakes are essential to staying on budget.

The Cougar Mystique

Sight, touch and sound are all part of the Cougar experience. Consistency and reliability make it the go-to sheet for printers, that's the Cougar mystique.

Warm Things Up with Lynx® Cream White

For warmer tones and a softer appeal, our Lynx® Cream White shade was engineered to achieve that goal without altering your design. Request a printed sample

Explore Digital Print and Domtar’s Line of ...

Explore digital print and dive into Domtar's line of digital papers options. Request printed samples and swatchbooks to see for yourself.

Back to Print Basics: Part One

Despite technology advancements, the print basics of file management remains the same. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you send off your project.

How Young People Are Revolutionizing the Prin...

Young generation in print. They are young, curious and interested in print. Learn more about this generation and how they are impacting the print industry.

Transitioning to Inkjet Technology?

You’re thinking about transitioning to inkjet technology but are afraid to make the leap. Here are 4 lessons you can learn from the early adaptors.

Marie Condo Your Office Space

A clean office space can not only improve productivity but it can also improve your mood. Here are a few tips to Marie Condo your office space.

Making the Most of Variable Data Printing

New technology makes variable data printing an option for just about any campaign. What is variable data printing? And how can you maximize your results?

Could California AB 1884 Bill Be the End For ...

California AB 1884 ban on single-use plastic straws set the precedent for other states to follow but does this mean the end for plastic altogether?

Careers in Print: A Customer Service Rep̵...

President of Ripon Printers, Julie Newhouse, shares her insights to a typical customer service rep's job responsibilities and expectations.

Looking into High-Speed Production Inkjet?

Jeff Matos at Broadridge shares what he's learned and why paper is critical as an early adopter looking into high-speed production inkjet technology.

Bringing Your Private Label Brand to Life

Private label office papers are a key differentiator and growth driver for retailers. Find out why creating a private label brand might be right for you.

What’s in Your Mailbox?

Recent USPS survey showed that respondents across all age demographics still enjoy receiving mail and believes it is a secure method of communication.

Fight For Your Right to Paper Statements

Printed utility bills to printed social security statements, whatever the communication form, the Keep Me Post Campaign fights for your right to choose.

The Declaration of Independence Re-imagined

Back in 1776, paper was a much different substrate than it is today. What would the Declaration of Independence look like if it was written today?

How Do We Measure Shades of White Paper?

The options of white paper are astounding but how are we able to measure shades of white paper and what does this mean to print professionals and creatives?

Paper – The Fifth Color

When you're working with a tight print budget or looking to achieve a specific effect, make sure to consider paper as your fifth color. Here's why.

Personalize Your Next Marketing Campaign for ...

If you're looking into improving your marketing ROI, you may want to personalize your next marketing campaign for the biggest impact. Here's why.

What You Need to Know About Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is everywhere, from grocery stores and gas pumps to schools and concert halls. Learn how thermal papers work and why the market is growing.

An Intern’s Perspective About A Paper C...

If you’d asked me what a paper company was like, I’d have told you that it was full of older men named Bob and Dan...but I learned, there's so much more.

Careers in Print: The Job of a Print Producti...

Do you have what it takes to be a production manager in a print shop? Learn more about the skills and responsibilities of a print production manager.

Want Print to Thrive? Here are 4 Ways We Can ...

Females account for 80% of students enrolled in print programs, while only representing 40% of the workforce. Here are tips to attracting females to print?

Husky® Opaque Offset Paper Delivers Quality ...

Truck after truck, order after order, Domtar’s Husky® Opaque Offset paper delivers consistent results. Find out why it’s a leading choice for printers.

Writing Offers Cognitive, Creative and Social...

Research shows that handwriting enhance cognition, creativity and social skills. Learn more about why you should put pen to paper and surprise a friend.

Lynx – Where Beauty and Performance Mee...

Where Beauty and Performance Meet is the latest printed sample from our Lynx Brand of Paper. Learn more about this piece and how you can request a copy.

6 Tips for Selling Production Inkjet to New C...

Inkjet technology promises faster production time and print quality that gets better every day; but how do you sell production inkjet to new customers?

Tips to Optimizing Your Product Assortment

Improve your customer experience with the right product assortment. Here are tips and guidelines to consider when optimizing your office paper assortment.

Careers in Print: What to Expect as a Pre-Pre...

Whether you're a college or high school grad, you may want to consider a career in print, we asked a pre-press technician to share his insights.

Why Uncoated Paper Makes an Impact

A customer’s first impression of you may be in their hands — literally. Learn why uncoated paper makes an impact and a great choice for discerning brands.

Direct Mail Marketing Still Matters and Here&...

Direct mail marketing is alive and well and an effective communication tool with tremendous potential to influence customer choices.

Building a Personal Brand

Brand is more than just a logo and designs. Your personal brand is the most important investment. Here are a few tips to help you get on your way.

4 Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Resume t...

Life after college, it can be overwhelming. We've pulled a few graphic design resume tips to help young designers prepare for the future.

Foil Stamping Print Technique Options

When it comes to print techniques, foil stamping is a favorite. Here are some pros and cons for each foil stamping print technique option.

3 Practical Print Project Tips from Sunbrella...

There are many obstacles that may occur during a project. Stay ahead with the following 3 practical print project tips from the Sunbrella team.

8 Key Standards to Achieving Brand Journalism

We have compiled 8 key standards to help you stay focused on your brand journalism content strategy. More more, subscribe to our Paper Matters Magazine.

Four Tips for Proper Paper Handling and Stora...

Experiencing paper curling or continuous jamming in your printer? Learn proper paper handling and storage tips to help you stay productive.

Make Paper a Key Part of Your Corporate Susta...

A good corporate sustainability policy covers everything from energy efficiency to how paper is sourced. See how paper can enhance your policy.

Recycled Office Paper vs. Certified Office Pa...

We all want to do our part in being environmentally conscious. Here are a few things you should know about recycled office paper vs. certified office paper.

10 Unconventional Facts About a Paper Mill

At Domtar, it's more than just about making paper. Our Johnsonburg Paper Mill team in PA is committed to the future of both the land and people.

Specifying Paper for Various Printing Equipme...

When specifying paper for your print project, it is important to know how to select the right paper for the right technology. Here are a few tips to help.

Tips to Preventing Printing Disasters

New to print? Follow these 3 Tips to Preventing Printing Disasters by our Paper Technology Manager and avoid any unneccessary catastrophe.

Sustainability is For the Birds

Domtar Paper Mill communities protect the natural habitat in our forests through wildlife management. See what birds are thriving in our forests.

Careers in Print: Offset Printing Press Opera...

Heading out into the working world? Consider a career in print. Learn more about the requirements, demands and more of an Offset Printing Press Operator.

Between the Pages at the University of Missis...

The Magazine Innovation Center at OleMiss brings industry experts in print and paper together for an exclusive event called Between the Pages.

Getting the Results You Want with High Speed ...

Unexpected results are common during the offset to high-speed inkjet transition. Here are some quick tips to follow to get the results you want.

Target and Personalize with Print

Advancement in printing technologies have made it easier to target & personlize through print. Learn how production inkjet technology makes this possible.

Introducing Paper Matters® Magazine

Paper Matters Magazine, a publication focusing on how paper supports, inspires and propels your ideas, creating everyday connections.

Decoding Sustainability Logos

In the paper world, it is important to adhere to third-party certifications. We are decoding sustainability logos to help you make informed decisions.

3 Tips to Become a Go-To Commercial Printer

What does it take to be the first person your client calls when they plan their next print job? Here's 3 tips to help you become a go-to commercial printer.

What You Can Expect in Binding Trends

Looking for ways to enhance your print design, you may want to consider a bindery technique. Here's a list of the top binding trends in 2019 to consider.

A Book Review – Making Money in Print

If you own a print business, you will want to consider this book, "Who's Making MONEY at Digital/Inkjet Printing...and how?" by Bill Farquharson & Kelly Mallozzi.

Seven Considerations When Designing for Inkje...

This is the second part of a three part series about designing production inkjet where we focus on top considerations when designing for inkjet technology.

The Site for All Things Paper

From important presentation ideas to marketing your brand, paper is an essential piece to how connections are made. Visit us for all things paper.

Forest Certification 101

A quick glance into forest certification 101 and what forest landowners must do to receive these certifications. They are more than just empty promises.

Who’s Going to Fill Their Shoes?

Despite what critics say, the print industry continues to thrive with new innovation and exciting opportunities. Learn about the jobs and their skillsets.

3 Projects Enhanced by Heavyweight Papers

Heavyweight paper can enhance any project— from your company’s high-end brochure to a premium crisp business card. Elevate your brand today!

Delivering More than Just Paper to Paper Merc...

Paper Matters and we work hard to keep our inventory replenishment network properly stocked to ensure our paper merchants don't run out of paper.

Baby Boomers to Millennials – The Silver Ts...

From baby boomers to Millennials, Domtar continues to stay relevant through its sustainability goals. Learn how you can take advantage of our efforts.

Coated vs Uncoated Paper – When To Use Whic...

The majority of print projects are produced on either coated or uncoated paper. We go over when to use coated vs. uncoated paper?

Looking Beyond Paper Specifications

When it comes to selecting the right paper for the project, you may want to be aware that looking beyond paper specifications is important. Read more.

Five Reasons It’s Time to Up Your Social Me...

Kelly Mallozzi, print specialist and content strategist, shares her top 4 reasons why you should up your social media game.

Three Tips to Get Started With Production Ink...

Production inkjet technology is opening doors for designers & marketers when it comes to audience targeting. This series offer key tips to get you started.

Intersection of Tech and Forestry – Windsor...

Domtar's Windsor Paper Mill has been in manufacturing and making paper since 1864. Today it is it is also in the forefront of technogy.

How to Read a Paper Swatchbook

Understanding how to read a paper swatchbook can make a big impact in understanding the basic of paper. We provide the basics and much more in our blog.

Resource Alert: Domtar Paper on Podcasts from...

Introducing Podcasts from the Printerverse starring Domtar Paper's Brand Manager Ashley Maydak.

Witnessing Responsible Forestry First-Hand Fi...

Industry leaders in sustainability takes a field trip the Southern Appalachian of NC with the Appalachian Woodlands Alliance to learn responsible forestry.

How Paper Shade Can Impact Your Print Project

When the paper shade is considered early in the design process, paper can actually be the “fifth” color in a four-color print project.

How Domtar Security Papers Fight Fraud

Providing your customers with security in their check paper stock is vital to your business. Learn how security papers fight fraud and how we protect you.
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