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A Book Review – Making Money in Print

Regardless of your career stage and experience level, it’s beneficial to continue to pursue knowledge, new ideas and best practices. If you are senior level, it can be tempting to become complacent and your mind can say, “I don’t need anything new”.

I have been in the paper business for 28 years, so I know the mental battle that can take place when introduced to new thoughts, whether it’s from consultants or colleagues. “Why do I need to try that, what I’m doing now is just fine”.I tend to be a creature of habit, so new ways can be a hurdle for me. But, I can testify that in recent years I have applied new ideas that have proven to be successful. I have had success with stepping into new frontiers. And, it’s been a boost to my professional confidence.

If you own or are responsible for managing a Print business, you may want to consider “Who’s making MONEY at Digital/Inkjet Printing …and how?

It’s co-written by two industry sales experts: Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi. You may be familiar with their writing if you follow Printing Impressions’ blogs. I’ve read their posts for the past few years and enjoy their information and good-natured writing styles.

Making Money in Print

Who’s Making MONEY at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? Order on Amazon

Look at the picture of the book cover. These two like to have fun while they work and inform others. Or, you may have heard them speak at Print. Both of them have experience selling print, selling digital print and one of them has sold digital printing equipment.

In their current roles as consultants, they have an opportunity to interact with print providers throughout North America. They have had personal success in print and the book shares specific strategies for owners, managers and sales folks. But this book is more than how to make money in print.

Here’s what you will find inside the cover. It is written in a true consultative style. Some of the material share solid fundamentals that apply to any sales profession. It also drills down to best practices specific to selling digital print.

There are several discussion points on how to help veterans adjust negative attitudes toward digital print, and how to instruct new salespeople to embrace the opportunities in digital print. If you are in sales, this information might help you make an attitude adjustment on your own.

There is a thought-provoking section on price versus cost of use. It can help foster a problem solver mentality leading to a business partnership versus winning a transaction.

The book is not just informative from a sales perspective. Bill and Kelly share common denominators that they see for success from an operational viewpoint. They discuss the kind of skills that will be needed for the people that run the technical side of digital/inkjet printing.

They share strategies on how to market your company’s value, including some practical ideas on the use of social media. These ideas can be practiced by the company or if you are a sales person who wants to utilize some new avenues to engage with your client base. They have also included an addendum in the book with ideas specific to 6 vertical markets.

This book is an easy read. Since Bill and Kelly have in-depth experience in the industry, they use the correct terminology and lingo. They have stories of their own and case studies from others to share.

The book will make you laugh a little and it will give you a little kick in the pants. If you think back to some of your best coaches, you probably had a little bit of both from them. It’s an inexpensive investment, it won’t take long to go through it, and it might just help break down any mental barriers you have up that won’t embrace change. It has ideas that could pay great dividends in 2019 and beyond.

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