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A Love Letter to My Commercial Printer

My Dearest Printer,

On today, this day of love and sweet sentiments…I share this ode to you, my commercial printer. Thank you for the print and paper love you display each day. From helping me select the perfect paper and making sure my brand colors pop just right to kindly explaining the latest printing techniques. You are always the constant in my relationship with creating outstanding marketing print projects. The go-to person that I can always count on to deliver print projects in the nick of time. Our connection can be complicated at times. I ask for the moon or, in most cases, tight deadlines. However, you deliver time and time again. Offset, digital, production inkjet…it doesn’t matter because you always provide the technology for the right job. You are a craftsperson that can create the most beautiful print projects with paper, presses and die-cuts. It’s all in a day’s work for you. You make it look easy and exceptional and for this, I thank you today and every day.

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