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Bringing Back the Fun in Paper

We often concentrate on the more serious topics surrounding paper; like the importance of handwriting, the benefits from reading on paper, how vital choosing the right paper for special print jobs is and the fact that it is a renewable resource. So much so, that sometimes we may be overlooking some of the simpler pleasures paper offers that would be greatly missed in a (heaven forbid) paperless world.  There are a few things to ponder when it comes to bringing back the fun in paper.

I was reminded of this after seeing articles about multiple schools competing in Red Bull’s Paper Wings competition. Red Bull Paper Wings is an international premiere paper airplane competition that gives students and schools everywhere a chance for some fun, lighthearted global rivalry and interaction.  There are qualifying events all over the world and hand-crafted paper planes are judged by distance, airtime and aerobatics. If you qualify you get to get to go to the world championships and represent your country in the Global Finals at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria.

Reading about this competition (which I love), lead me to think about all the other fun things paper offers. For instance, think of all the little artists out there and how proud they are when their masterpieces are displayed on the refrigerator. What kind of world would we live in if we took that away from them? That is something digitally produced art is lacking in. Not to mention all the delight you can find in creating an actual unique and tactile piece by mixing different textures, colors, and cut-outs together. I know this blog is about keeping paper fun, but to get a little scientific, I am sure cutting and pasting benefits brain functions and boosts coordination quite a bit.

Adults can also have just as much fun with paper. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is Google “paper art” and your search will return endless websites featuring inspiring paper creations and imaginative artwork to browse through, like this Web Designer Depot site. I just cannot see someone creating pieces as impressive and as stunning as these on a digital device. These artists truly know how to make paper come to life.

My wish for kids today and for future generations is that we don’t let the craft of making a good old-fashioned airplane die. Let’s not allow the digital age to make such cherished pastimes extinct and bring back the fun in paper. Instead of handing kids an electronic device to occupy them, change it up and give them a pad of paper or coloring book and box of crayons or markers. All children deserve a chance to explore their creative side and possibly harness their inner Picasso. Who knows you may have the next legendary artist on your hands.

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