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Calm and Confident: Classic Blue

In January, we not only ushered in the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new decade. The current era in which we live is sometimes uncertain – and the new Pantone color of the year represents a refuge from that uncertainty.

A Classic Color

The Pantone color of the year is PANTONE 19-4052: Classic Blue. Blue hues typically represent a dependable and stable foundation and possess the reassuring qualities of trustworthiness, credibility and consistency – all things that are coveted in the world in which we live. The color blue also brings to mind both the classic and the constant – both of which was beautifully represented when printing on Lynx® Digital Opaque Super Smooth. Whether it is the sky at dusk, the serene waters of a lake or an impeccably tailored suit, the depth and richness of this indigo blue hue is further enhanced by Lynx Digital.

Get Noticed with Classic Blue and Lynx Digital Super Smooth

The super smooth surface of Lynx Digital Super Smooth provides the optimal surface to help you achieve consistent ink coverage and crisp, vivid images – both things that will make Classic Blue stand out. The super smooth surface also deepen duotones and helps provide additional richness and depth. Domtar has also engineered our digital super smooth products without loss of bulk or stiffness, so you don’t have to sacrifice a substantial presence when printing digital.

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