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Cougar Paper – 45 Years and Still Evolving!

I am always pleasantly surprised when I attend a gathering of printers and designers – everyone recognizes and LOVES Cougar.  It makes me smile when I am told that Domtar products are very good, but the preferred paper is from “that Cougar paper mill.”  They seem confused when I reply with a smile and a thank you! We work very hard to make sure that Cougar retains that brand loyalty as expectations and applications evolve.

When I first started working with “that Cougar mill” in 1999, Cougar paper was 94 brightness and had a limited product line.  There was smooth and vellum text, and cover weights up to 100 lb. Over the years, with a strong focus on customer and end-user needs, Cougar has evolved to include an extensive product offering with grades suitable for various print methods and finishing needs.

Cougar paper has evolved from 94 brightness to 96 and then to the current 98 since I became involved with the grade.  The crisp white shade works beautifully to reproduce high-quality images that elevate your projects to the next level.  Looking for a softer or more vintage feel?  Cougar Natural will get you there.

Print quality has always been the keystone to the Cougar brand, and the people that work at our Rothschild Mill (the only mill that makes Cougar) understand the importance of this premier brand.  Manufacturing optimization is always accomplished with a focus on quality improvement and what may make Cougar even better.  The mill motto “Don’t Mess with Cougar” is reinforced throughout the manufacturing system and is a repetitive mantra shared with new employees.   Cougar pride is obvious when talking with the Rothschild manufacturing team, the sales force, and the technical team looking at future opportunities.

Over the years the product line has expanded to include a super smooth finish option, single ply covers up to 130 lb. and 160 lb. double thick cover.  As the digital printing market continues to grow, Cougar is growing with it.  Addition of products and stock sizes suitable for high-end color toner reproduction, high-speed inkjet, and improved liquid toner adhesion make Cougar a grade that can be used across printing platforms.

As needs and quality expectations continue to evolve, Cougar paper will be there evolving with the marketplace.  In 45 years, I don’t expect to be here, but I have faith that Cougar will still be around and going strong.

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