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Cougar w/Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands

Behind every great brand, design and line, there’s a purpose. There’s a deeper meaning to what you’re creating. Each decision you make is born from a fundamental truth, a vision that your brand stands for more. Think of Cougar® paper as your partner in realizing this vision. Like you, everything we do is with purpose.

I’m thrilled to announce our latest Cougar paper promotion: Cougar w/ Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands. This piece features a variety of printed samples that showcase how Cougar paper can convey quality, evoke emotion, inspire loyalty and generate a response for any retail brand with the desire to make an impact. From look books, to direct mail, to hang tags, to loyalty cards—the velvety feel and flawless detail reproduction of Cougar helps retail brand connect and deliver a tactile response that helps their message resonate on a deeper level.

For consumers, retail brands are often an expression of individuality. They help people define themselves. Cougar does the same for brands. It’s a statement of quality, proof of high standards that can be trusted as a clear, consistent sheet to express what matters to you.

The Cougar line is thoughtfully designed, with a collection of offerings built to elevate a brand and make it memorable—no matter how you choose to print—with three finishes, two colors, matching envelopes an extended digital offering and a vast array of weights and sizes. Cougar is also created on values built to elevate a brand’s reputation.

This premier line of paper is obtained from forests where endangered species are protected and rights of indigenous people are respected. Choosing to print on Cougar communicates that your brand supports sustainable manufacturing and understands the values of biodiversity, sustainability and equality.

Ready to experience all that an elevated retail brand can be? Request your complimentary copy of Cougar w/ Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands today. Have you already trusted Cougar to make your brand memorable? Submit your work to The Gallery for your chance to be featured on our blog, in social or in the next edition of Paper Matters magazine.


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