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Customer Experience and the Rise of Print Marketing

The customer experience is at the forefront of many marketing conversations. Customer expectations have changed so much in recent years with the rise of technology. While technology has evolved, some core principals haven’t changed and that is having a personal relationship with your customer. Print marketing excels in this area because it can be personalized, dynamic and it’s tactile. Many marketers have said elevating the “customer experience” is a key business priority for their company.

Here’s how print marketing tactics can improve your customer experience.

Dynamic Content

Believe it or not, you can tailor your content to be targeted to different customer channels. Variable data technologies can be employed to swap out different images for customer segments. Relevance is key for customers of today. In the mind of your customer, you should be able to differentiate if I’m into dogs versus cats. Talk with your print solutions partner on how you can employ this strategy in your next print project.


I love it when a brand makes me feel special. I always notice when I receive mail that uses my name (especially when they get it right). Our relationship with a brand is based on how it makes us feel. According to the Direct Marketing Association, personalizing your message through variable data printing can increase your ROI anywhere from 2 times to 15 times the normal return. In “What’s My Name! How Personalization Campaigns Up your Direct Mail Game,” I discuss how personalization can take your campaign from average to outstanding.

Printing Techniques

Enhancements to your print marketing efforts such as embossing, debossing, raised ink, metallic inks and foil can create a memorable customer experience. The tactile nature of printing is crucial to the brand experience. What’s more personal than something you can touch?

The quality of paper and variety of techniques all impact how a customer views your brand. In today’s printing landscaping, it’s easy to incorporate upscale printing techniques to make your piece stand out. In “Improving Overall Print Goals Through Collaboration,” our friend Jill Dinicolantonio dives into digital metallic inks and how you can get creative with digital print technology. Digital printing technologies have evolved to where it’s easy to incorporate techniques with low quantities and quick turn-around times.

Just like today’s customer experience, print marketing is constantly evolving and innovating. Use this to your advantage and employ it in your next campaign. Print is a foundational part of your customer experience. With customers seeking personalized interactions with their favorite brands, it’s important for companies to connect with them in a way that is personal, meaningful and nothing short of amazing. Print marketing can check all of those boxes and more.

This blog has been updated since June 2018.

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