I.LOVE.MAIL. Ever since I was a small child one of my favorite activities has always been going to the mailbox to see what awaits. If it was hand-addressed with a stamp on it then my happiness increased tenfold! Granted, I’m not a kid anymore but I still get excited about what arrives in the mail each day, especially if it is personalized directly to me. You may think, in today’s digital world, does handwriting and direct mail still plays a role? The answer is yes.

No One Sends Direct Mail Anymore. FALSE.
Let me give you a tip. If you are not sending direct mail right now, you are missing a prime opportunity. Email Inboxes are overflowing while the mailbox is still prime real estate. Did you know that 36% of people under 30 look forward to checking the mail each day? Mailboxes are not cluttered. Your competition is minimal and your direct mail piece is much more likely to catch the eye of the respondent. 42 percent of recipients read or scan mail pieces. Direct mail should be part of any omnichannel marketing campaign you are planning. Direct mail should be a core component simply because of lack of competition.

No One Has Time For Handwriting. FALSE.
Does your entire piece need to be handwritten? No. No one has time for that. Reach out to your printer and discuss options for either variable data printing to personalize and/or options for using a handwritten font. You can even create your own handwritten fontCheck out this blog for a great step by step. Take that direct mail piece to the next level with handwritten personalization, specifically your own handwriting.

Handwriting is Dead. FALSE.
You know what they say, what’s old is new again. Handwriting is making a comeback. Many states are passing laws to make teaching cursive a requirement again. Handwriting is meant to be personal. As marketers, we all strive to have a personal relationship with our customers. It’s simply good business.  Adding handwritten elements to your direct mail draws attention to important elements and again, can give your customer that warm fuzzy feeling. Check out this clever example from Montblanc Pens. I’m pretty sure that piece constitutes winning the direct mail game.

Sometimes in our rush to look for the latest marketing trends, we overlook the tried and true methods. Print. Handwriting. Actual Stamps. Paper. Tools that have stood the test of time are still relevant and can be a game changer for your campaign.