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Enhancing the Customer Retail Experience

It’s not enough for retailers to have products – consumers are looking for experiences that are convenient, encompassing and hands-on. In a world where online shopping is changing how we shop, how do you create memorable in-store retail customer experiences?

Marks North America, an expert in design adaptation for retail customer experience, regularly creates successful customer experiences using an intelligent consumer-focused process. They are leading the way and have shared four tips that will help you “get’ there:

Get out of the office

Every great project should start with a foundation – which in this case should be “boots on the ground” research. And part of this research should be to understand the shopping environment – so take the time to get away from your office. Walk the space and watch customers to learn how they engage and interact with products. This helps you to learn about their pain points and barriers to the shopping experience.

Get those ideas down on paper

The process of developing experiences should start with paper. Write, draw or print out notes, ideas, concepts and drafts on paper. Then post them in your workspace – this will help you (and your team) explore the creative process.

Get some variety

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to marketing touchpoints. Remember that color, price, location of products, signage and printed marketing materials all work together synergistically to engage consumers. Packaging, point-of-sale and in-store merchandising all provide great canvases for unique ideas – and give consumers a tactile and more personally engaging experience in the retail space.

Get it printed

Speaking of great canvases, let’s talk about the OG of them all – print. The use of print has been a key component in converting consumer interest into sales. For example, sixty-eight percent of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their interest. Other forms of print like store vouchers, point-of-sale messaging and fliers also enhance the buying experience. It all comes together in a carefully orchestrated product environment that allows interactive connections with consumers.

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