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Explore Digital Print and Domtar’s Line of Digital Paper Options

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt noticed that digital print has upped its game over the past few years. From vivid color, to detail reproduction, to show-stopping techniques—it’s no exaggeration to say digital print has come a long way and so has the line of digital paper options.

Although the capabilities of digital printing equipment have advanced in recent years, one adage remains: for superior results, choosing a paper that’s specifically engineered for digital printing equipment is a must.

What that means in non-technical speak is this: there’s a lot of digital printing equipment available today, and the inks they use are all very different from one technology to another. By choosing a paper that’s built for specific equipment, you have a better chance of NOT being disappointed when you receive the final results from your printer and NOT disappointing your client with the longevity and performance of the printed piece.

Domtar offers a full line of reliable uncoated digital paper options to showcase your talent in exquisite detail. Our line of digital papers was built to meet the needs of various end results and budgets, making it possible for you to have the best possible outcome within the parameters of your specific project. All of our digital papers are created for the ink used on digital presses and bond exceptionally well to the sheet, making them a perfect match for any printed piece that may get often handled, such as direct mail, business cards and brochures. Need a sample pack for your next project brainstorm? Visit Domtar Digital and create your digital sample pack.

Let’s dive into the different digital paper options available.

Super Smooth Finish

Everyone loves the silky feel of a super smooth finish. With Cougar Digital Color Copy and Lynx Digital Super Smooth, you can expect a sleek super smooth finish and excellent formation on both sides of the sheet, allowing for incredible detail in photos and consistent, vivid color. In fact, both of our digital super smooth grades are 3-Star Rated and Photo Certified for HP Indigo 5500 series (and higher) presses — and work beautifully on liquid or dry toner devices. Also, Domtar has engineered its digital super smooth products without loss of bulk or stiffness, so you don’t have to sacrifice a substantial presence when printing digital.

cougar digital color copy printing paper

Cougar Digital Color Copy

Cougar Digital Color Copy is Domtar’s premium digital paper offering and the smoothest digital paper offered by Domtar. With Cougar Digital Color Copy, you get the same 98 bright white shade and 10% post-consumer recycled content as the premium Cougar Super Smooth sheet designed for offset printing; the difference is this sheet is made to work with the unique attributes of digital printing equipment. Along with the super smooth finish, you can expect incredible opacity, best-in-class ink adhesion (perfect for direct mail!), vivid color and show-stopping detail reproduction. Plus, it’s available in text and cover weights. When only the best will do, Cougar Digital Color Copy is your go-to paper of choice.

lynx digital super smooth printing paper

Lynx Digital Super Smooth

Lynx Digital Super Smooth is a great value alternative to Cougar Digital Color Copy. Featuring the same 96 brightness at Lynx Opaque Ultra, this sheet is a no-nonsense performer built to run and meet the demands of today’s digital equipment. With this sheet, you can expect to print uniform solids and vivid colors without fear of streakiness and loss of detail. And the silky super smooth feel is pleasing to the touch.

Smooth Finish

For brands requiring a rich, velvety feel in their printed materials, a Smooth finish is a great digital paper option. The following lines feature the rich texture that many have come to expect from Domtar’s uncoated papers, with the bonus of being designed for digital printing.

cougar digital printing paper

Cougar Digital

Compatible with any digital printing platform, Cougar Digital offers the same reliable performance you’ve come to expect from Cougar Smooth. When you choose Cougar Digital for a digital print job, you can expect incredible print results. This product features 98 brightness and 10% post-consumer recycled content and is available in White or Natural shades, and a wide variety of text and cover weights.

lynx digital printing paper

Lynx Digital

With Lynx Digital, you can create more value for every digital project. With a 96-bright true white shade, an expansive offering that includes text and cover weights and great opacity, Lynx Digital is a dependable and affordable performer.

husky digital printing paper

Husky Digital

The combination of economy, reliability, and quality make our Husky Digital paper options an impressive choice for many commodity projects. Offered in text weights, Husky Digital’s 94 bright blue-white shade make it an excellent choice for production presses, laser printers, copiers and plain paper fax machines. This product features SFI certified sourcing.

And don’t forget that both Cougar and Lynx are members of Domtar’s EarthChoice® family of environmentally responsible papers which are Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

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