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Exploring Production Inkjet? Choose the Right Paper to Ease the Transition

Are you new to production inkjet? Or maybe you’re an early adapter and would like to learn how to appeal to a new customer base, print more for a current customer or gain production efficiencies? The truth is, using a treated production inkjet paper from Domtar can help you with all of the above. Here’s how:

  • Appeal to new customers – Has your business traditionally printed monochrome transactional documents and, now that you have the ability to print color, you’re looking into expanding your customer base (or print more for current customers)? Well, you’re certainly not alone. I’ve talked to several printers at various industry events that are hoping to make the same transition. It’s crucial to remember that with new customers come new expectations, especially in terms of service, print quality and paper options.
  • Gain production efficiencies – Anyone that been a part of the printing business for any length of time knows that choosing the right paper can have a huge impact on the efficiency of production. High-speed production inkjet is no exception. In fact, considering the speed at which inkjet presses run and the rigors involved in post-processing, choosing a paper from a mill known for quality is the best way to make sure your jobs run smoothly and aren’t disturbed with unexpected production delays.
  • Use less ink – Depending on the amount of ink coverage in a job and the end quantity that needs to be produced, using a treated paper may actually save ink, and therefore possibly saving your operation money once you look at the total job cost.

As your business evolves to embrace new technology and new customers, depend on Domtar to adapt alongside you with Treated Production Inkjet Papers that deliver trouble-free performance. With reliable performance and crisp, vibrant detail reproduction across dye and pigment formats, these offerings from our trusted Lynx® and Husky® brands are available in a wide range of basis weights and engineered to deliver consistent output, excellent quality and reliable performance.

Here’s an overview of what Domtar has to offer in Production Inkjet Papers:


The Domtar Lynx® brand is known for superior performance and dynamic results, and LynxJET treated inkjet papers hold true to this promise. With a wealth of features and a reputation for flawless runnability, LynxJET is engineered to excel, both on press and during post-processing.

LynxJET is the perfect paper choice for print jobs with elevated ink coverage that feature photos and a variety of colors such as direct mail, show-stopping transactional documents, dynamic publishing jobs or anything in between. Count on LynxJET to exceed expectations.

Available basis weights: 45 lb., 50 lb., 60 lb., 70 lb., 80 lb. and 100 lb. Text. LynxJET is available in rolls and sheets.

LynxJET® Premium Card

When your inkjet production jobs require dynamic results at a more substantial weight, this robust product provides the dependability and performance you’ve come to expect from the LynxJET® brand. With a high stiffness and tactile feel, LynxJET Premium Card is the perfect choice for printing inkjet jobs that require mailing, durability or are designed with substantial ink coverage such as business reply cards, postcards and direct mail. It can also be used as a catalog or booklet cover. LynxJET Premium Card 7 pt. and 9 pt. are made to caliper and comply with U.S. Postal Service regulations.

Available basis weights: 7 pt and 9 pt Card. LynxJET Premium Card is available in rolls and sheets.

LynxJET® Dye

When you need greater lift in density and depth of color when printing with dye inks, LynxJET Dye is your treated inkjet paper of choice. Specifically engineered for improved print quality on dye-based systems, this sheet features a unique formulation that decreases color-to-color bleeding and smearing for clear, crisp images and sharp text. LynxJET Dye is commonly used on dye jobs that feature vivid colors and photographic detail, such as transpromotional statements, documents and mailers.

Available basis weights: 20 lb., 24 lb. and 28 lb. LynxJET Dye is available in rolls.


The Husky® name is known for hardworking performance, and HuskyJET takes this legacy to the next level. Bring splashes of color to brochures, textbooks and on-demand books. Balance trouble-free printing with flawless post-processing for transactional end uses. No matter what you’re printing, HuskyJET brings strength, reliability and superior runnability to every job.

HuskyJET is available in the following basis weights: 50 lb., 60 lb. and 70 lb. Text. This product is available in rolls and sheets.

HuskyJET® 7 pt. Card

If you need to generate a response and deliver a message that pulls through under any circumstances, trust HuskyJET 7pt. Card to deliver.

Customize business return cards. Get more direct mail responses with variable data. Boost sales with personalized transactional pieces. Connect with customers in a whole new way with HuskyJET 7 pt. Card. It’s also caliper-crafted to comply with U.S. Postal Service regulations, so it’s ready to mail — and bring in results.

HuskyJET® 7pt Card is available in a 7pt weight. This product is available in rolls.

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