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Fall is Here, but are You Ready?

It’s late July, stores are prepping for back-to-school sales and as much as we don’t want to admit it, fall is on the horizon. Maybe you recently returned from vacation and you’re enjoying this last stretch of summer, maybe you’re adjusting to a surprisingly nice, new hybrid work schedule while the weather is warm or maybe your vacation is around the corner and you’re itching to pack your bags—regardless of which reason, this blog is for you! Adjusting to fall’s summer fun hangover is never easy, so here are the 123s and ABCs of prepping for the fall.

  1. Peek at Your Schedule

I know, it’s never fun to snap back to reality but you’re really doing yourself a favor when you take a quick look ahead at your schedule. I’ve found that the least intrusive way to do this is hanging a large calendar somewhere visible in the house. That way, if I’m on vacation and not opening Outlook, I still have a way of keeping an eye on any doctor’s appointments, school dates or major work deadlines.

Also, try to do your best not to cram every last bit of summer-on-the-go into the calendar and give yourself some time at home. Feeling burned out from a packed social schedule heading into the fall is a great recipe for the blues. Give yourself and your loved ones a chance to close the chapter on summer, pause, clear the mind and prepare for the next season.

  1. Create a To-Do List

Lists might not be for everyone, but they can kickstart work. Ian Paget, the founder of LogoGeek, says that his process starts with a to-do list with “actionable tasks that I can easily tick off. That way, I start back feeling organized and can focus on making progress.”

Your list might include:

  • Three manageable tasks
  • A grocery list
  • A few people you want to connect with in your LinkedIn network
  • Chores for you, your partner or your kids
  • Tasks that help you ease out of summer mode that you tend to forget
  1. Re-Stock Supplies

At this point, you’ve hung your calendar, created your list(s) but you’re unable to get started because you don’t have what you need! A huge pro-tip is restocking your work supplies before the back-to-school rush. This helps you avoid long lines, empty shelves and a headache. Paper, pens and notebooks are all susceptible to school supply shortages, so make sure that you’re prepared. You can even place an order ahead of time and set it to recur, so that your paper ends up right on your doorstep every time.

Now that the “123s” of office productivity are out of the way, here are a few paper-related tips that are applicable at all times. Remember, what I am about to share with you is no secret, but it is worth reiterating…. and is as easy as A, B, C.


If your job tends to have a lot of unexpected events, presentations and projects thrown your way, anticipating your paper needs and ordering ahead can help minimize stress. And part of ordering ahead is making sure you have the right assortment of paper for your office, wherever that may be.

  • Standard copy paper (20 lb., 92 bright) is great for your everyday copying needs, such as drafts, internal memos, or proofs.
  • For presentations and proposals, a good rule of thumb is to go heavier and brighter – so look for 28 lb. or 32 lb., with a 98 or higher brightness.
  • Don’t forget the card stock, which is great for report covers and cards.

Making sure you have the right paper on hand ensures that you don’t run out when a deadline is looming and stress levels are high.

Boot That Bad Paper

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Color Coordination

It’s no surprise that staying organized is a great way to keep your office moving smoothly. It has become normal practice to see hundreds of emails, documents and memos come across your desk monthly – sometimes daily. With this barrage of paper comes the task of determining priorities and deciding what should go where.

Using different colored paper is a great way to assign meanings to documents (urgent, to file) or to sort by department (one color for accounting, another for HR). Additionally, using pastel or bright colored paper is a fun way to take notes and make to-do lists – keeping those important thoughts from getting lost on a desk full of white paper.

We hope that this was a quick and easy way to help you get set for the fall!

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