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For most of us, we’ve managed to stay engaged while working from our homes over the last two years. There are still questions, however, about what “working” will look like going forward.

  • LinkedIn is allowing employees to work remotely permanently
  • Wells Fargo has already returned a number of its workforce to the office
  • BlackRock is leaving the decision up to its staff, at least for now

Some employees are currently remote but will be brought back into the office later. Others may be planning to embrace a hybrid work model but abandon their office space for increased savings after a year or two.

Hypothesizing will drive us crazy and the best we can do is to try to stay focused and productive. While I’m sure you’ve got a system worked out by now, I’d like to make one small suggestion—Have you tried our small packs for your home office?


Productivity Where You Need It

Hear me out as you consider my suggestion. Productivity at work has been discussed ad nauseum—some bloggers will approach it purely from a business perspective:

“Are you achieving your maximum output during work hours? No? Well, try these solutions!”

Others will take a personal angle:

“Taking a break every 30 minutes can provide a much need mental boost!”

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a few of these fixes and more, but I believe that the one thing that bloggers miss is the fact that work looks different these days and so do the solutions.

Some parents work 7am to 2pm, pick their kids up from school, run errands, make dinner and log back into work in the evening. Others work from 8am to 5pm at home every other day, and only go into the office two to three days a week.

How we work has evolved and productivity has become almost inextricably tied to flexibility. This means that you need solutions that are as flexible as you are. Enter: Paper Small Packs for the home office.


Home Office Small Packs

Created with the work-from-home user in mind, our Paper Small Packs offer flexible options for printing at home or in a small office with limited storage space. The paper itself is packaged in a box that’s roughly the size of a small pet, but the box contains more sheets than a normal offering. In other words, its design prevents you from having a shortage of storage spots for your office paper while also reducing how often you need to restock. Just stash and save. Additionally, if you need to run to the office during the week, just slide the box into the car and take what you need to work.

Because Flexibility Matters

Flexibility of where, when and how you work (including remotely) promotes communication, creativity, productivity and engagement, as well as innovation, according to a new study from the Flex+Strategy Group. In that study, the Flex+Strategy Group reports: “of those who do work flexibly, 45 percent feel that flexibility increases their ability to ‘communicate, create, and innovate with colleagues.’”

The report also goes on to state, “only 5 percent [of those polled] report a decrease, with 49 percent saying it remains the same”. Furthermore, 60 percent who have flexible work options feel they’re “more productive and engaged.” In other words, we’ve learned that flexibility is a major factor in not just feeling productive but being productive. With paper being a crucial ingredient in any innovative work recipe, you deserve a paper option that is just as flexible as you are.

The Solution

If you work from home or in a small office environment, you can take advantage of the benefits of paper and see how it helps your productivity without ordering more paper than you need.

Both our Lettermark™ and Xerox® Vitality® brands offer small packs. The most popular two are now available at your local office supply store. These convenient pack sizes offer flexible options for printing at home or in a small office with limited storage space.

  • The newest release is the Lettermark™ Copy Storage Pack.
    • Created with the work-from-home user in mind
    • Features 1250 loose sheets (no reams) in an attractive and reusable container

The Lettermark™ Storage Pack makes it easy to have just the right amount of exceptional everyday Lettermark™ Copy Paper within reach while also keeping your home office neat and organized.

  • The Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper XL Pack offers the convenience of 750 sheets of high-quality Xerox® Vitality® paper in one large ream
    • Xerox® Vitality® is thicker than the average multipurpose paper
    • Features elevated product quality
    • Contains 250 more sheets than the average ream of paper—a perfect option for those who work from a home office.

3 Ream Office Paper Packs have become very popular during the pandemic, especially for small offices or individuals working from home who need to print more regularly.

Controlling Printability

Both Xerox® Vitality® and Lettermark™ Copy feature ColorLok® technology. Paper that features ColorLok® technology delivers elevated color, bolder blacks and enhanced detail. You can still dazzle – even from home.

If you need tips on choosing an environmentally responsible paper option, click here.

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