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Gallery Spotlight: The glassybaby catalog

Glassybaby is a company with a mission to give back to cancer patients through the creation of unique handblown glass votive holders and drinking glasses. Founded by a three-time cancer survivor Lee Rhodes in 2001, glassybaby has donated over $10 million to non-profit organizations that provide hope and healing to those in treatment. Each votive is one of a kind and in line with their tagline, “one of a kindness®,” which inspires hope and healing with each purchase.

One of a Kind

The glassybaby catalog is an outstanding example of how clean and modern graphics, combined with a smart paper choice, can lead to striking results. Expertly designed, the oversized catalog grabs your attention at 28 inches wide and 37 inches tall with a blind deboss on the cover.

The detailed photos showcase the craftsmanship of each piece of glass, paired with text that conveys messages of hope. The colors on the page are vibrant and each votive comes to life as you explore the catalog. Printed on Lynx ®, each page creates a new experience that showcases exceptional opacity and flawless printability.

Our Director of Marketing, Vanécia “V” Carr and Brand Manager Ashley Maydak discuss the details of this oversized catalog in the Gallery Spotlight Video.


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