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Graphic Designer Inspiration ala The Quickie Podcast

Everybody loves a good story. Graphic designers are no different, and designers are always looking for inspiration — you know, a little edge in creating the next great logo, illustration, or lettering piece. So, what happens when you fuse graphic design inspiration with a good story? You get a podcast about the struggles and successes of in-house and independent graphic designers during the span of their careers.

I love podcasts. They help me get through some of the mundane desk tasks that I have to do. You may ask yourself, what is a podcast? A podcast is much like a talk radio show but one that you subscribe to on your computer or smartphone and listen to whenever you like.  We’ve got a few that we are fans of here at Domtar Paper, such as Podcasts from the Printerverse and now The Quickie Podcast.

The Quickie Podcast is a daily podcast that interviews creative individuals, from all walks of life, in 30 minutes or less. I’ve religiously listened to this podcast for quite some time. The podcast’s host, Dave Hopkins, hails from Vancouver, Canada and he is an unabashed lover of all things print. That passion shows through in the interest he takes with each guest of the show. One of the main reasons I love this show is because is it draws from every facet of the creative industry. From rockstar independent designers such as Aaron Draplin to creative mavericks like Paula Scher, in some way, I can relate to them. Why, you ask? Although I think I am, I am not the only one who experiences anxiety, self-doubt or a myriad of other emotions on a day to day basis when it comes to the creative work I produce. With that, it brings me some semblance of comfort that I am not alone in the creative universe.

During my episode, we discussed my creative process as well as the benefits and challenges of being an in-house designer. We talked about the challenges of simply being a creative person as well touched on the following subjects:

  • Where I find my creative inspiration (favorite brands, designers and illustrators).
  • The project that went off the rails.
  • How Quark Express lit my fire for graphic design.
  • My thoughts on Imposter Syndrome.

Before I knew it, that day of the interview had arrived. I had all kinds of anxious thoughts swirling in my head. Things like, “will I sound stupid?” or “what right do I have to be interviewed for this podcast?” As we got into the flow of the interview, it was just like sitting down and chatting with an old friend.  At one point Dave asked the question “So at Domtar Paper are you guys doing a lot of print?” and me being my fun, quirky self I quickly answered, with a true southern expression “Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle!?” which got a big chuckle from my interviewer.

I hope you enjoy my episode and give it a listen and scroll through the Quickie Podcast’s Instagram feed to see some of the funny quotes that other creative folks have come up with. For other podcasts that inspire creativity, visit our top picks.

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