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How Print Fits into your Cross-Generational Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Mix. Omnichannel. Online. Offline. Digital. Print. The list of marketing options is endless. Nowadays, marketers and creatives have an impressive and vast array of tools and marketing options at their fingertips, and with that fancy toolbox come ever-increasing expectations. Consumers now expect one-on-one conversations with the brands they love, which means that, as designers and marketers, we have to know what they want, where and how they want it. To top it all off, we now need to craft our messages as a part of a cross-generational marketing strategy.

The following tools will give you helpful insights into each vastly different target audience, while also shedding light on how to best communicate with each generation.

For a deep-dive into cross-generational marketing, download “Print, Digital or Both? How Brands Can Reach Multiple Generations. In this article, we explore the nuances and preferences of four generations–and offer targeting tips on how to best use print and paper as a part of our omnichannel campaign.

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