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Husky® The Reliable, Dependable Paper

The paper you select plays a key role in the success of every job that comes off the press. When the presses are full and jobs are running, you need a good, reliable paper. Husky® is the reliable, dependable paper that gets the job done right.

Here are three ways that Husky gets it right:

It’s Built to Perform

Husky strikes the right balance of quality and affordability, so no matter what you’re running you can expect reliable and trouble-free results. And because it’s made by Domtar, you can be assured that every sheet is uniform and has excellent formation – meaning fewer surprises and guesswork while on press. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing you are using a paper that can handle anything you put on it.

It’s Ready to Deliver

Not only is Husky built to perform, it’s also ready to deliver. Housed in ten regional replenishment centers strategically located throughout North America, Husky is available when and how you need it.  Our inventory includes stock items in rolls, folio skids, cartons and digital sizes meaning you’re not waiting around for product to be ready – or scrambling around when stock isn’t available. You can always count on Domtar (and Husky) to have your back.

It’s There for YOU

Being there for you goes beyond paper availability and reliability.  Husky is proudly made in North America with dedication to the well-being of the communities where it’s produced. This helps provide opportunities for gainful employment while supporting local manufacturing, enriching local communities and serving as financial lifeblood for many rural communities. Purchasing paper made in North America also means you can expect reliable shipping, dependable delivery dates and unmatched account support.

From the first sheet to the last, the smooth surface and dependable performance of Husky will deliver results that exceed expectations. Backed by the Domtar Paper commitment to quality, reliability and service, choosing Husky is a no-brainer.

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