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Look around you, and chances are, you’ll see paper. It maintains legacies, elevates creative ideas, conveys important messages, inspires action and keeps businesses running smoothly. And behind every example, there are people, personalities, cultures and stories. That’s why we’ve created Paper Matters® magazine, our bi-annual publication focused on celebrating and inspiring the evolving world of the paper and printing industries.

Printed on Lynx, Paper Matters Spring Issue

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In this issue of Paper Matters, we focus on how paper supports, inspires and propels your ideas, creating everyday connections that turn goals into reality. Whether it’s the Sunbrella® team using print as a core part of their omnichannel strategy or Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery who brought a business and brand back to life the way only paper can; paper is the bridge that connects the past and the future together.

Speaking of the future, the future of paper and print has honestly never looked brighter. IWCO Direct and Broadridge have been on the ground floor of the high-speed production inkjet evolution and walk us through their process. It’s nothing short of impressive.

Winkler + Dunnebier (W+D), is leading envelope innovation and is bridging the physical and digital worlds with the help of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Making something as simple as an envelope a powerful marketing tactic. Innovation is here and starts with how paper matters.

You can’t explore how paper connects us without talking about feelings. Creative strategist and popular speaker Stefan Mumaw explores how understanding your customers’ emotions is critical for success. Emotions and experience go hand in hand and the Marks agency knows more about bringing the customer experience to life in the retail environment than most.

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Do you ever wonder where and how our paper is made? Introducing our Mill Spotlight series where we feature one of our mills and the unique ways they connect to their local community. In this issue, we highlight our Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania Mill and the difference they make in giving back to their community through environmental, education and community programs.

I don’t think there’s been a more exciting time to be in the paper industry. Whether it’s the spark of an idea to the greatest success in business, our paper is there and so are we. Think of Paper Matters as your partner in paper. We’re here to connect with you, so whether it’s our magazine, blog and gallery, new augmented reality Domtar Paper app (download at Apple App store or Google Play),  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or even through a phone call. We are here for you.

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