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Keeping Connected – Even When Apart

Here we are – entering into month two of our new reality. One very important thing to remember is that just because we are working from home, that doesn’t mean that we are alone. We need to stay connected – even when we are working apart.

Domtar Paper is committed to being a resource as you socially distance and work from home. Our goal is to provide relevant and helpful content that will help entertain, educate and inform you (and your customers).  Here are a few of my favorite resources:

Catch-Up on Paper Matters

By now, I hope you have signed up to receive our Paper Matters® magazine. We created this magazine to celebrate the evolving world of paper and printing. But did you know that we also have past issues of both Paper Matters and Blueline available on our website? No matter if you want to learn about how people and technologies have elevated brands, or how paper helps turns goals into reality, our publications will provide inspiration (and entertainment) while we are at home. Please also encourage your customers to visit this site – accessing the magazine is easy (and free)!

If you haven’t subscribed, don’t worry – just go here.

Go Look at Pretty Things

Our website also features a HUGE assortment of gorgeous print samples – all featuring Domtar Papers. Our gallery is dedicated to showing off all the great things designers and printers are doing with paper – while also providing inspiration for what’s to come. Most of the pieces also have a write-up about the piece, providing a little insight about how the piece came to be.

Reach Out For Those Resources

We have great resources that can serve as both a refresher to what you may already know or a way to learn something new. We recently released “How To Read A Swatchbook”. This download speaks to the essential nature of a swatchbook – whether you are a print newcomer or an industry veteran.  It perfectly explains each element that makes up these invaluable tools and provides tips on how to present these in person (once life returns to normal and face-to-face meetings become a thing again).

The collateral section of our website features a few other downloadable resources, along with a library of current printed samples. We would love to ship samples to your house – so be sure to check this page out.

We are adding new content daily and would love to hear your ideas. Drop a comment below to let us know what you would like to see. Until then, be well, stay safe and keep connecting through paper.

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