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Lynx – Where Beauty and Performance Meet

I’m proud to present the latest printed sample from our Lynx brand titled Lynx – Where Beauty and Performance Meet.

This piece is a celebration of the duality of beauty and strength that are hallmark of the Lynx brand of paper and make it a trusted go-to for both printers and creatives looking to push the boundaries and create exceptional printed pieces, no matter how tough the job.

The front cover is dynamic, featuring a sizable copper-colored foil on Lynx Cream White 80 lb. Cover. The ampersand area of the foil was then embossed, giving that area a unique texture reminiscent of copper metal. In order to maximize the real estate of the printed piece, we opted to fold and glue down the sheet so the texture of the emboss wouldn’t be visible on the inside front cover. After the sheet was folded and glued, we applied a die cut to a portion of the emboss to give the reader a peek of what’s in store once the printed sample is opened.

The piece is a fantastic showcase of the versatility of our Lynx® brand of paper and features multiple offerings—Lynx Cream White, Lynx Super Smooth finish, and Lynx Smooth finish. Flip through the pages and you’ll discover how Lynx brand of paper expertly reproduces photographic detail, deep rich blacks, vivid color and lifelike skin tones.

One of my favorite components has to be the last spread, where the left is printed on Lynx Super Smooth and the right is printed on Lynx Cream White. On the left, you’ll see how the Super Smooth Finish elevates photographic detail while on the right the subtle shade of Lynx cream white boosts warm tones.

Where Beauty and Performance Meet

Your reputation is at stake. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? From attention-grabbing techniques to flawless solids and vibrant colors and enhanced details, Lynx® has the options for all your printing techniques.

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