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Quality products build loyalty, establish credibility and enhance business reputation. At Domtar, we bring excellence to our nationally recognized brands and the private brands we develop for our customers.

Having the right combination of national and private brands can drive store traffic, influence customer behavior, generate category interest, maximize incremental retailer margins and deliver value to customers. National paper brands, such as Xerox® and EarthChoice®, help office supply stores and paper retailers build loyalty and drive sales.

Domtar offers two nationally recognized office paper brands for its customers, each with a reputation for quality and consistency.

Xerox® paper brand  The name Xerox® has been associated with reliability and consistency for many years. Domtar acquired the trademark license rights to the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media brand in 2013, and today we market three different paper lines within the brand.

Xerox® Vitality® encompasses multipurpose office papers, providing quality and consistency in a variety of printer, perforated and multipurpose papers. Xerox® Bold Professional™ offers brighter, thicker options for professional projects.

Xerox Revolution™ offers a wide variety of specialized paper, films and materials that allow customers to create professional-looking marketing and business-building tools.

EarthChoice® Office Paper  Domtar’s EarthChoice® Office Paper line provides choices for customers concerned with sustainability. EarthChoice® Office Paper meets the global forest management standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. In Canada, EarthChoice® Office Paper is also ECOLOGO-certified for its reduced impact on the environment and human health.

Providing a variety of paper brands is important when building your paper assortment, in part because there are typically two types of customers: people buying everyday paper and people looking for premium products. Having an assortment of private label and national paper brands helps fill out your product line and drive traffic to the store and website.

The important thing is to give customers a choice. Some people will want to buy the more premium paper, while others are looking for value but still want quality products. Offer an assortment so they can choose the brand and product that’s right for them and their specific jobs.

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