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Our Top Picks for Podcasts that Inspire Creativity

In any creative industry, it seems the only constant is change. Podcasts are one of the best ways to stay current on trends, issues and influencers in just about any area of focus, including print and design. Here are my top must-listen podcasts for designers that inspire creativity.

The Quickie – Interviews for Graphic Designers

This podcast wasn’t on my radar until Erin Potter, one of our in-house graphic designers, was recently interviewed. Now, I can’t stop listening. Host Dave Hopkins does a wonderful job interviewing graphic designers, illustrators and creative directors from a variety of different backgrounds and environments—from freelance to world-renown agencies to major corporations. All interviews are 30 minutes or less, so it’s the perfect dose of inspiration if you only have a small amount of time. And, he’s passionate about designing for print. What’s not to love?

The Design of Business | The Business of Design

As a creative that’s always worked in an in-house environment, I’ve seen first-hand how a thoughtful design can change opinions, elevate ideas and push boundaries. The Design of Business | Business of Design podcast explores how design works in complex organizations to shape decisions, products and more. Instead of interviews, hosts Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand focus on new issues and the hottest topics in the world of design.

Podcasts from the Printerverse

Featuring content for both printers and graphic designers, Podcasts from the Printerverse is an entertaining and fun way to gain new insights, gather business new tips, and explore what’s possible in the ever-changing world of print. Hosted by Print Media Centr’s Deborah Corn, you can bet the interviews are entertaining and take a deep dive into many issues facing the industry today.

I’ve had the pleasure of being featured on several podcasts from the Printerverse interviews. My favorite is still 6 Ways to Achieve Luxury in Print Without Blowing Your Budget, where I share how informed paper choice can elevate your print projects without breaking the bank. Another favorite is Millennials, Mills and Marketing, where Domtar’s Director of Marketing Vanécia Carr covers a variety of topics, including how companies can attract and retain millennials, the benefits of building a diverse team and why authentic values are the foundation of Domtar’s sustainability success.

Design Matters

I’m not the first person to tout the greatness of Design Matters, and I’m certain I won’t be the last. Considered to be the world’s first podcast about design, host and creative icon Debbie Millman has explored the broader world of creative culture through conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians and other innovators. Featuring interviews with such personalities as Malcolm Gladwell, Jessica Hische, Steven Heller—even David Lee Roth—this podcast has been supplying creatives with surprising insight for 15 years.

Is Print Dead?

If you work in the print industry, you’ve probably seen Pat McGrew speak at various industry events. The Is Print Dead? podcast is just as thought-provoking. Co-hosted with writer and editor Kevin Crane, this series answers the question that no, print is not dead or being replaced by social media, mobile apps, or other digital content. Print is simply evolving. Although only a few episodes of this podcast are available, I’ve found every one of them to be worth a listen.

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