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Pantone’s Color of the Year and Cougar Natural

For 20 years, Pantone has used thorough consideration and trend analysis to select a Color of the Year—a color that not only represents the current state of popular culture but also becomes very influential in design and marketing during the upcoming year. Announced just last week, the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is 16-1546 Living Coral. This vibrant yet approachable color conveys the perfect balance of authenticity and energy, and printing on Domtar’s Cougar® Natural gives this color the perfect boost of warmth.

Since most inks used in printing are transparent, the specific attributes of the paper you print on can have a drastic effect on the final result of your printed piece. While using a white uncoated paper with a high brightness, like Cougar, is optimal to generate vivid, vibrant hues that pop off the page. The unique subtle cream shade of Cougar Natural has the potential to enhance warm tones and boost authenticity and texture.

Here are three ways using Cougar Natural can enhance Living Coral in your next printed piece:

Enhance Warmth

Printing on Cougar Natural enhances warmth of Living Coral, in both vector solids and photographs. When paired with images that also feature skin tones, the feeling of authenticity is much more powerful.


Boost Details in Custom Illustrations

Illustrations with a hand-drawn feel are expected to be a big design trend for 2019. The subtle warm shade of Cougar Natural adds dimension and interest to hand-drawn elements, boosting texture and detail.

Elevate Vintage Nostalgia

Living Coral is a color commonly used in vintage photography and advertising. Printing on Cougar Natural can provide consistency of warmth throughout the printed piece, making the final result feel more sophisticated and less contrived.

Please note: the accompanying visuals are simulations created to spark creative ideas in print. Prior to approving any sort of final proof, please work with your printer so that they understand your expectations and goals for the project. It’s also a great idea to request printed samples or ink drawdowns, particularly if you’re printing on a paper that has a different color, texture or brand than you normally specify.

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