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Introducing: Paper Matters Spring & Summer Edition 2024

We are proud to present the latest edition of Paper Matters® magazine!

While every season has its own appeal, there’s just something about springtime that’s unique. The days grow longer, the air warms, and the world blooms with new growth. Spring is a season of new beginnings—so it only seemed appropriate that the Spring and Summer issue’s themes are of renewal and the sustainability of paper. From the first page to the last, the magazine is a tangible reminder of how the human connections between paper and the printed word have been sustained by generations past for generations to come. Let’s talk about what’s in store for you with this edition of Paper Matters.

What to Expect in Paper Matters

Beyond the environmental aspects of sustainability, this magazine serves as a reminder of how we’ve sustained the connection between paper and the printed word. In this issue, that link between paper and the people who use it is more evident ever and between the pages you will:

  • Learn how Posty Cards, a Kansas City-based greeting card company and the first printer in the country to become a Platinum TRUE® Zero Waste facility, strives to be more sustainable in every aspect of its operations.

Lance Jessee, Chairman of the Board (left), and Erick Jessee, President of Posty Cards

  • Gain inspiration from the Birks Group – High Jewelry Collection, winner of one this year’s Gutenberg Gala categories. The Gutenberg Gala is an annual competition that not only at the design but also at the production process of printed pieces as it highlights the talent, creativity and know-how of artists in Canada.

The Birks High Jewelry Collection piece won this year’s Marketing Customer category in the Gutenberg Gala.

  • Explore the Museum of Printing, one of the world’s largest collections of printing, typesetting hardware and ephemera that preserves the history of the craft while inspiring future generations of printers and graphic artists.

The Museum of Printing began preserving printing equipment and materials back in 1978.

With additional content on generational attitudes toward paper, the US forest products industry, and more, the 2024 Spring and Summer edition is one of the best issues of Paper Matters yet.

Paper Matters is a resource for inspiration. It’s a living, breathing example of how the power of paper and print add a critical and unique experience to the marketing mix.

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