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Paper + Pixels = 3 Irresistible Mail Technologies

Forward-thinking. Next-generation. High-tech. Those aren’t terms that you usually think of with mail. However, smart marketers know that emerging technology combined with an omni-channel strategy is making mail more powerful than ever. The Irresistible Mail campaign by the United States Postal Service (USPS) has highlighted 12 innovative irresistible mail technologies that blur the lines between digital and direct mail with stunning results.

Our Favorite Mail Technologies:

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)
    AR continues to evolve. Entire digital experiences can continue a story from a direct mail piece. In the Irresistible Mail promotion, a mountain awakens and transforms into an explosive volcano. In our latest Blueline Magazine, Elevate Vol. 09, storytellers come to life with a quick scan of the page and continue the experience via interactive print. See how you can incorporate AR into your next project to drive results. We promise it’s attainable and relatively easy.
  2. Buy Now Technology
    U.S. online retail sales will reach more than $500 billion by 2020. Social shopping is on the rise and people can buy directly from their feed. Digitally enabled mail can direct customers directly to your social media accounts and turn followers into customers. This tactic is illustrated in the Irresistible Mail promotion with a direct mail piece that promotes movie theater promotions through social media (1). The postcard drives customers to the brand’s social media for instant purchase.
  3. Lifelike Textures
    So, you may say that textures and techniques are not new technology. I’m here to tell you that printing technology, inks and papers are continuously evolving. If you haven’t talked to your printer lately, make a note to ask them about new inks, varnishes and techniques to dial up your direct mail design.

The techniques you can achieve on paper are endless. Nothing can amplify your message quite like the tactile experience of a texture that makes your direct mail piece come to life. 67% say paper is more pleasant to handle and touch than other media (2).

Plus, our latest download does a deep dive into embossing and how you can dial up print’s appeal with this attention-getting technique.

Inspiration Abounds
Between the Next Generation Campaign Award™ and the Gallery, innovative mail campaigns featuring interactive mail technologies can be found at Irresistible Mail. My favorite is “Taco Tuesday,” which features a taco-shaped mailer. Or maybe it’s because I love Tacos?! In addition to the resources on the Irresistible Mail website, you can also request a FREE book so you can experience these mail-enhancing technologies first-hand.

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