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Introducing: Paper Trails Volume 2

Cougar® paper has a long history of making waves in the paper industry with its stunning paper finishes, lasting impressions, and ability to ignite emotions through print. We recently launched Paper Trails—a new series powered by Cougar —to guide users through the process of finding the optimal paper choice for their next project. Volume 1 simplified the concepts of basis weight and opacity by pairing clear, concise language with plain and printed samples; Volume 2 uses the same tactics as it walks you through choosing the right finish.

The time has come; take the plunge with Cougar Paper Trails Volume Two: Get the Feeling Right.

Finding the Right Feeling

Using a surfing theme to buoy its message, this latest offering from the Paper Trails series dives into paper finishes and the role they play in stirring feelings, enhancing brands, and shaping how an audience views and experiences a design. The book discusses the different finishes featured within the Cougar line—Vellum, Smooth and Super Smooth—by combining print samples with simplified language and illustrations. Every finish has a different connotation and ideal use; the better you understand how each provides a different experience, the more informed your search can be when selecting a paper to convey a specific mood and message.

Paper Trails also showcases various printing and finishing techniques that enhance its surfing theme.

The blind embossed short sheet is the first of many captivating techniques used to get the feeling right in Volume Two

The chosen techniques include highlights like a groovy, fluorescent orange ink, a dazzling bird-inspired blind emboss, and a sandy spot-textured UV. Ultimately, Volume Two is a tangible example of how Cougar can carry a project from start to finish and is the perfect vehicle to let your imagination ride the wave.

Make sure you get the feeling right. Request your copy of Paper Trails: Get the Feeling Right today.


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