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Recycled Office Paper vs. Certified Office Paper

Environmentally conscious. Green. Eco-friendly. Different phrases that all describe the same thing – office paper that is made with the environment in mind.

In the past, copy paper featuring recycled content was viewed as the most responsible option. Times are changing and certified paper is now viewed as being just as “green” as recycled by leading environmental groups.

So, you may be asking yourself “Recycled paper vs. certified virgin paper…which is better?”.  The answer is that both are great options for your sustainable office.

Both recycled and certified papers boast an eye-pleasing brightness as well as excellent runnability. Certified virgin paper is typically priced a little better than recycled office paper, so budget is definitely something to consider when you are choosing. There are times that paper with recycled fiber is required by your company, that is when you may want to consider 30%, 50% and 100% recycled options to meet those needs.

An important thing to note is that without paper featuring certified virgin fiber, we would run out of paper within two months. Buying recycled paper is very important from a sustainability viewpoint. However, paper fiber can only be recycled five to seven times before it breaks down too much to be reused. Because of this, the purchase and use of certified virgin products is imperative.

Purchasing papers featuring Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is a great way to show your commitment to sustainability and the environment. The very simple act of choosing FSC® certified paper can make a profound, positive impact on the environment, ensuring that forests remain forests, forever.

Regardless of whether you are using certified virgin or recycle office papers, both are environmentally sound options when used responsibly and recycled afterward.

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