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March is National Reading Month and a great time to put the focus on the benefits of reading. However, I think most of us have heard a lot of the statistics and research that back the importance of reading and know that it is crucial.

Instead, I want to focus on the benefits of reading printed books over electronic ones.

This article from Huff Post Parents highlights 9 different studies that show why print is better and even preferred by millennials. I won’t get into all the details because you can check the article out for yourself if you like, but I will go over my favorite ones.

  • There is a lack of emotional connection when reading electronic books as opposed to printed books according to a study featured in The Guardian. The same study also found that printed book readers were much better at putting “the story’s events in chronological order.”
  • An article in USA Today introduced a study that found digital book readers comprehended and retained less than those that read printed material. The article also touched on other enrichments reading print offers over digital.
  • A study done by the University of Washington found that 25% of humanities students choose to purchase physical copies of textbooks over using the available e-book version that was free.
  • Another article from The Guardian addresses a Harvard study that links “light-emitting” e-readers to sleep deprivation.
  • A blog from the Huffington Post discusses study findings that show “reading on a screen is bad for critical thinking”. Nor is it the best choice when deep concentration is necessary. Readers lost focus easier and started multi-tasking when reading from a screen than with print; with print they found it easier to concentrate.

These and other arguments can be made in favor of printed books over digital but at the end of the day we just encourage you to read no matter which platform you choose. Therefore, this month we challenge you to make reading for yourself and especially reading to your children a part of your daily schedule.

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