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Take your Cat to Work Today (and Everyday)

To all you cat lovers out there – it’s time to celebrate your favorite felines!

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June 20th, 2022 is Take Your Cat To Work Day®, aka—the most adorable day of the year, although dog lovers may disagree. #TakeYourCatToWorkDay kicks off Take Your Pet To Work Week® (June 20 – 24, 2022), with #meowmonday. Started by Pet Sitters International as a lead-up to Take Your Dog To Work Day® – (June 24, 2022) so that people who have pets other than dogs can also have the opportunity to celebrate and share their beloved pets with their work friends, too. After all, it’s only fair that we show our cats the world outside of our homes, at least for one day a year.

This fun #MeowMonday is the perfect kickoff to Take Your Pet To Work Week® and gives you and your feline friend time to take part in the fun before all of the dogs arrive that Friday.

The main purpose behind Take Your Cat To Work Day® is to spotlight the wonderful companions cats make and to encourage and promote adoptions.

Can you think of ways to support your pet community? Here are a few ideas:

  • Host A Cat Adoption: Invite a local animal shelter or pet rescue to visit your place of employment to encourage the adoption of available cats

Raise funds for a local organization that helps cats find their forever homes

So what does National Take Your Cat To Work Day® have to do with paper? Well, besides bringing our cats to work since before it was popular!

Two of our brands are named after types of cats — Cougar® and Lynx® — and Domtar shares several features with their namesakes. Like these stealthy cats, our papers are built for performance, externally beautiful and are soft and super smooth.

Continue reading to learn why so many printers are “Cat people” and how bringing our cats to work can be beneficial to your business.

Cougar – Luxury Within Reach

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The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma, mountain lion or panther, is the second-largest cat in North America. However, unlike other big cats, the cougar cannot roar. Instead, the large feline purrs like a feline house pet. Cougars are highly skilled hunters that can climb effortlessly, leap over 20 ft. (6 m), have no natural enemies and sits at the top of the food chain.

Like a Cougar (mountain lion), Cougar® paper is not only built to perform effortlessly and sits at the top of the paper spectrum as a premium line of paper, but it also excels with superb runnability on press and clean, consistent printability. Cougar is the only product that effectively bridges the gap between text and cover products and opaques. It is the best of both worlds and brightness is only one characteristic. Sometimes, I almost think I can hear it purring off the press.

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Cougars are solitary creatures for most of their lives. Similarly, Cougar paper also sets itself apart from the pack. Set apart in quality, performance and breadth of line, environmental position and service.

Cougar® is the premium line of paper to amplify your brand’s personality, purpose and enhance your brand’s reputation. It has been around since 1972 – and this year, we are thrilled to be celebrating its 50th year as a market leader!  Manufactured in Rothschild, Wisconsin, Cougar is the original, the best and constantly improving. That’s why Cougar continues to not only be an industry-leading Premium Opaque, designers and printers alike have demonstrated strong brand loyalty and have trusted Cougar paper since its inception.

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Features of Cougar® Premium Papers

  • Cougar Digital Color Copy is three-star rated for ink adhesion and photo certified for HP Indigo 5500 series and higher presses (RIT’s highest rating criteria, only awarded to the best performing substrates)
  • Preferred shade – produces rich, vivid colors and sharp, clean images under various light sources
  • Opacity – best in class even under the most stringent applications
  • Print quality – excellent formation and print uniformity
  • Consistency – it’s exactly what you expect– a product that runs clean every time
  • Soft, satiny feel – go ahead, touch it! Cougar is manufactured using sulfite pulp which allows for a softer, smoother sheet without compromising stiffness
  • Wire/Felt Comparison – very even side to side
  • The breadth of line –
    • Three Finishes: smooth, super smooth and vellum
    • Two shades: white and natural
    • 50 lb. – 100 lb. text
    • 65 lb. – 130 lb. cover
    • 160 lb. double-thick cover

Recommended Applications for Domtar’s Cougar Premium Printing Paper

  • Premium catalogs
  • Impact direct mail
  • Presentation folders
  • Corporate identity campaigns
  • Annual reports
  • Keepsake books

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Check out our Gallery to see the beautiful art that our talented customers have created using Cougar® papers.

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Lynx® Brand of Papers

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Originating from an old Greek word that meant light or brightness, Lynx is the scientific name given to four species of wild cats. These short-tailed and highly skilled hunters are found in many places throughout the world, including forests in North America, Europe, Russia, and Asia.

The four species of these cats are:

  • Bobcat
  • Canada Lynx
  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Iberian Lynx

The name is thought to refer to the lynx’s bright, reflective eyes of the animal, but when I hear the word lynx, I think of uncompromising value. Like the wild cat, the Lynx® line of papers, which includes offset, digital and inkjet papers (treated and untreated), runs smoothly with vivid color reproduction. Known for superior performance, strength and dynamic results, this top cat is built to perform and meet the demands of today’s digital equipment

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Whether you’re printing offset, digital or production inkjet, you can always trust Lynx® for flawless, reliable performance. The quality and versatility of Lynx ensure consistency from the first page to the last. It’s the sheet that printers nationwide reach for when they need something they can rely on, a trusted resource for any type of job.

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Features of Lynx® Paper

  • Shade: true white
  • Two finishes: smooth and vellum
  • 96 brightness for sharp contrast
  • Excellent opacity for minimal show-through
  • Consistent runnability on press and during post-processing

Recommended Applications for Domtar’s Lynx Printing Paper

    • Brochures & Posters
    • Transactional Documents
    • Business Cards
    • Direct Mail
    • Magazines & Catalogs
    • Textbooks

Check out the Domtar Gallery to see the beautiful art that our talented customers have created using Lynx® paper.

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Pretty cool, huh? Who knew paper and kitties had so much in common?


If you plan to participate in Take Your Pet To Work Week and have a pet Cougar or Lynx, you might want to reconsider, as you will likely end up with a few lawsuits and possibly some scratches… If you’re like the rest of us who love our SMALL furry felines, make sure you plan a little in advance:

Don’t forget:

  1. Make sure your feline is wearing a collar with a name tag and your contact information.
  2. Bring a litter box and litter your cat is familiar with, and put it somewhere out of the way so it doesn’t bother your co-workers
  3. Food and water, and dishes to put them in
  4. A few of your cat’s favorite toys or a blanket, or anything they may find comfort in while being in an unfamiliar location.


Pet pics are a great way to make Monday a little better and spread the word about taking your cats to work. If you are taking your cat or dog to work this week, be sure to tag us in photos of your furry coworkers!






To learn more about Domtar, visit us at Be sure to return to our other great blogs at

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