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The Hallmark of Every Great Brand

Purpose. This word is at the hallmark of every great brand. It’s what gives them meaning. It’s what speaks to the soul. Cougar® is crafted to capture your purpose and elevate it. To tell your story beautifully, powerfully and exactly as you intended it. It’s why we created our latest paper promotion,  Cougar w/ Purpose – Creating Meaningful Retail Brands, which includes printed samples that highlight how Cougar paper can convey quality, evoke emotion and inspire loyalty and generate a response for any retail brand that desires to make an impact.

Creating Meaningful Retail Brands

For consumers, retail brands are often an expression of individuality. They help people define themselves. Cougar does the same for brands. With its signature velvety feel, varied weights and expert craftsmanship, Cougar is more than just paper. It is paper with purpose.

Our latest promotion lets you experience the pseudo retail brand, “Mantra.” From look books, to direct mail, to hang tags, to loyalty cards–the Mantra brand will inspire you with contrasting weights, finishes and printing techniques to create a memorable and tactile experience. All of it expertly executed on Cougar to showcase how a retail brand can make an impact.

Celebrate Who You Are

As a special gift to celebrate our community of passionate makers, we’d like for you to have an exclusive Cougar w/Purpose Mantra tee. Wear it as a symbol of purposeful creativity and share it with us on social using the hashtag #CougarPaper. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Request Your Cougar w/Purpose Mantra tee

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