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The “Love Paper” Campaign by Two Sides North America

At Domtar Paper, we naturally love paper. You could say it’s in our fiber. When you are part of the paper industry, it’s almost like you are a member of an exclusive club and know a lot about how paper is actually made. For example, we know that paper is not bad for the environment. The truth is that paper is recycled more than any other commodity in North America and is one of the few truly sustainable products.

As a proud employee of Domtar Paper, I know that we operate responsibly across every part of our business, and our future depends on sustainable forest principles. I want everyone to know that I work for a company that makes sustainable products and doesn’t “kill trees.” This is why we are excited about the new “Love Paper” campaign by Two Sides North America.

This new campaign is designed to raise consumer awareness of the unique and inherently sustainable characteristics of print, paper and paper-based packaging. The new campaign has a consumer-friendly website,, where you can learn facts about how print and paper products contribute to a sustainable future for everyone.

“As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of the publications they read, the products they buy and the packaging those products come in, they need factual, science-based information to make informed purchasing decisions,” says Two Sides North America President Phil Riebel. “But all too often, they have little more than unsubstantiated marketing claims like ‘go green, go paperless’ or ‘going paperless saves trees’ to guide them. We created the Love Paper campaign to make it easy for anyone to get verifiable facts about the sustainability of print and paper products from a wide variety of trusted sources.”

Consumers Underestimate the Sustainability of Print and Paper Products

Many consumers don’t understand the benefits of how a well-managed forest results in benefits for our society and circular economy. A 2019 survey by Two Sides revealed that 58% of consumers believe U.S. forests are shrinking, when in fact U.S. forest area has been increasing by over 1,600 NFL football fields every day. This is one of many misconceptions that people hold regarding paper. Many North American consumers significantly underestimate how sustainable print and paper products truly are. The Love Paper campaign will help provide factual information from authoritative third-party sources to help tell the sustainability story of paper.

Complimentary Print Ads

The Love Paper campaign also has a series of print ads that promote the sustainability of print and paper. The ads focus on sustainable forestry, recycling and renewable energy advantage and are available to newspaper and magazine publishers free of charge.

The full color ads are available in full page, half page (horizontal and vertical) and quarter page sizes.  Publishers interested in running the ads can go to the “For Publishers” page on the website or email Two Sides North America at

How to Get Involved

To learn more, visit, where you can download complimentary advertisements, fact sheets and learn more about paper and its multitude of uses.


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