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Introducing…the New Lynx® Swatchbook

Missing something? You can request your copy of the updated Lynx® swatchbook here.


Here’s why that’s exciting: a swatchbook is an incredible well of information that contains everything you need to know before starting a printed piece, from stocking information to how the paper will print. It’s the perfect blend of a valuable, everyday tool and an occasional conversation starter. Some printers and creatives have entire swatch cabinets with information that dates back years because it allows them to maintain a record of a brand’s history. As a result, new swatchbooks are an event.


Printed on a Komori LS Press, 28″x40″ 6 Color units and 1 coating tower. Cover printed on Lynx®, 100 lb Cover, Smooth Finish. Tab pages printed on Lynx®, 80 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish

For those who are familiar, we don’t need to remind you about the Lynx brand’s long history of quality and performance. The new swatchbook features multiple print samples, a plain paper waterfall with all available basis weights and finishes in the Lynx line, and the iconic Lynx cat on the front cover.

Regardless of whether you’re an industry veteran or a relative newcomer, there’s one thing that I can guarantee: this is the one swatchbook that is not in your collection.

Each component of a swatchbook is a valuable resource that can help in choosing the right paper to make your work stand out:

Plain paper waterfalls and tabs…

…are any creative or printer’s best friend. The tabs contain current stocking information and product specifications, which allow you to see the current product offering is for the line and ensure you have the correct basis weight and size for your project.

Inside any of our swatchbooks is also a section for plain paper samples. Generally arranged as a waterfall, this section allows you to touch and feel the basis weights and finishes to determine whether the paper conveys the right message and tone.

…and printed samples too.

This section of the swatchbook gives you your opportunity to see the hallmarks of a high-performing paper. Great paper will deliver vibrant color with outstanding detail with no mottling in solid printed areas. Lynx is no exception.

The images chosen for the swatchbook showcase how the Lynx brand’s formation, true white shade, outstanding opacity and even solids allow you to achieve incredible results while also serving as a source of inspiration.

When it comes to print, there’s only one tool that is essential to helping ensure that your project runs smoothly. You want to be confident that you’re choosing the right paper for the job, in the right finish and the Lynx swatchbook gives you that peace of mind.

Paper connects us. It brings moments, ideas, and dreams to life, capturing them in vibrant and tactile ways. The Lynx brand has a long history of doing just that. Whether you’re printing offset, digital, or inkjet, you can trust its excellence on press. For your copy of the new Lynx swatchbook, please contact your local merchant or your Domtar Account Manager. With Lynx, you can push boundaries and put your ideas to the test.

Visit this link to request the new Lynx swatchbook for yourself.



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