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The Print Production Insider: Introducing Charles Angerson

My name is Charles Angerson and I am the Marketing Project Manager at Domtar Paper. I came to Domtar three years ago bringing with me 20 plus years of experience in the fields of design and print. I manage all of Domtar Paper’s big print production marketing promotions and maintain the relationship with our print vendors.

From Page to Print

For me, it is all about the journey. That spark of an idea that gets you excited and puts a vision in your head of how you want to show that idea through design. Taking that design and perfecting it until you are giddy trying to imagine how good the final product will come out. Collaborating with your printer on inks and paper and techniques. Then watching as your design comes to life through the process of print. There is no better feeling than having a final printed piece that lives up to or exceeds what you envisioned to begin with.

From Designer to Print Production Manager

I have enjoyed working for small, independently owned magazines where I was both a designer and production manager. I have had the opportunity to experience the pressure of being a creative manager for a small design studio and have worked for major corporations with Gannett Newspapers and Family Dollar. I have managed print runs from 5,000 to 50,000,000 pieces.

Passionate About Paper

Since being hired at Domtar Paper, I have come to have such a deeper appreciation and love for uncoated paper. From the feel to the way colors lay on it to the deep richness of black ink when it is printed. For me, there is no alternative. In the past year, we have done some amazing promotions for Cougar, Lynx and Husky. All of which highlights the very best of the paper. All of which, I might add, can be ordered here if you would like copies for yourself.

It is a totally different world when you are designing and printing a promotion for a paper company. There is a care and an eye for perfection needed unlike managing any other design/print project. It is a great experience for me and one I do not take lightly. It is also one that I am confident I bring expertise to.

I look forward to sharing my print production tips and experience to help you with your print projects. It’s an exciting time in print and the opportunities are endless.

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