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The Top 3 Most Popular Paper Planners

As a kid, I got excited at the beginning of each school year to go buy new supplies. As an adult, I no longer get to look forward to that particular shopping trip but instead, I get super excited to purchase a new planner each year.

With all of today’s technology, some people may feel that paper planners are not necessary but from the way the agenda business seems to be booming, I would have to say those people are the minority. After all, it has been proven time and time again that writing something down helps you remember it better.

Whether one of your goals for 2019 is to become more organized or if you just want to increase your chances of remembering your busy schedule, then a paper planner may very well be the way to go. There are so many great options out there but I have chosen to highlight a few of the most popular planners.

The Erin Condren Life Planners have developed a huge, almost cult-like, following and for good reason. There are plenty of eye-catching covers to choose from and you can even get yours personalized. You also have the option of selecting a horizontal, vertical or hourly layout. These agendas also include motivational quotes throughout to help you keep a positive outlook.

The Whitney English Day Designer is one of the most popular planners on the market. It features an hourly schedule layout for each day and includes a to-do list section. The Day Designer also has sections for dinner, notes, money reminders, deadlines, a space at the top of each day for your three most important tasks and one at the bottom for you to write what you are grateful for. If you would like to see how this agenda works for you, free printable planner pages are offered here.

Plum Paper Planner is another extremely customizable planner option.  Not only do they have regular planners, but they also offer planners specifically designed for teachers, students, families and fitness. There is a plethora of covers to choose from and once you make that decision, you can choose from 4 different weekly layouts and then you have the option to select add-on planning pages for anything from fitness to baby planning.

 If you are in a rush to get your hands on a planner today and don’t have time to wait on shipping then check out Etsy for some great planner options that you can download and print right at home.

Regardless of the route you go with a paper planner, you don’t have to strain your eyes on a digital screen, or clumsily tap the message out on a small phone screen, you just simply grab a pen or pencil and scribble your note down whenever you please without worrying about the backspace button, creating an account or a dead battery.

We challenge you to try a paper planner in 2019.

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