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Warm Things Up with Lynx® Cream White

The possibilities to explore new ideas and expand your creativity should be limitless. And when your printed piece needs an extra boost, look to Lynx® Cream White

This Lynx® Cream White printed sample uses vivid imagery to showcase how a cream white paper shade can amplify warm tones and add interest to photographs and graphical elements. Simply put, this subtle yet versatile cream white paper shade gives you the opportunity to effortlessly amplify your creative vision in a variety of ways. Recently added to the line — along with Lynx’s original true white shade, unbeatable performance and well-deserved reputation for unmatched quality—make the Lynx® Opaque Ultra line a powerful foundation for even your most ambitious pieces.

  1. Enrich Skin Tones
    When you’re ready to take skin tones to the next level, trust Lynx® Cream White to deliver. The sophisticated cream white shade will captivate your audience with enhanced authenticity, warmth and depth.
  2. Warm-up Vector Images
    Vector images can benefit from a touch of warmth, too. Lynx® Cream White delivers an understated elegance, adding an extra element to transparent CMYK inks.
  3. Add Consistency
    We’ve all been in situations where we have to work with a myriad of images from a variety of different sources. The versatile shade of Lynx® Cream White adds consistency, giving a great sense of unity to your printed piece.
  4. Boost Warm Colors in Photos
    The subtle color of Lynx® Cream White provides the perfect amount of color boost to photos with warm tones.
  5. Add Interest to a Minimal Layout
    Does your minimal layout need a lift? Lynx® Cream White will deliver, without cluttering your concept.
  6. Bring Depth to Vintage Photos and Instagram-style Imagery
    Lynx® Cream White provides the perfect shade for adding a trendy element of nostalgia to everything from black and white images, to vintage-style photos and beyond.
  7. Deepen Texture and Detail
    When texture and details are in need of a boost, consider Lynx® Cream White. The slight cream white paper shade provides an unexpected element, adding dimension and interest.

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