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What’s the Definition of Work Like a Dog?

The print room has never been a place for the faint of heart. Fast-paced, agile and strictly business, few people embody the phrase, “work like a dog”, like printers do, especially right now. Historically, the phrase has had one definition: “work very hard,” but effort is only a part of the equation. One of our worst-kept secrets is that we believe in working like a dog as well, but Domtar defines it a little differently. Don’t get me wrong, we still work doggedly, but to Domtar, working like a dog means putting performance and quality first and you won’t find a greater example of that than Husky® paper.


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Working on What’s Important

The impact that the last few years have had on printers is significant—Covid, inflation, you name it—and they’re working as hard as they ever have. We wrote earlier this year about supporting small businesses and how many printers fit the profile; well, according to the 2022 Goldman Sachs survey of 10,000 small businesses, “91% of small business owners already struggle with the current economy’s impact on their industries, and 56% say the situation has worsened since the beginning of the year, painting a bleaker picture for the coming months.” If you’re doing the math, that’s nearly 29 million businesses who admit that times are tough; printers need trouble-free performance and consistent, reliable results to maximize their investments.

Now, I’m not here to harp on how tough times are, but what I am going to do is stress the importance of getting the most value out of your resources. Paper selection is a critical part of any job, and Husky isn’t just an excellent option for  its performance.


The Husky® Swatchbook, available on

Performance on the press is a big part of the Husky® paper reputation and should factor into your paper choice. Do you have the budget for the delays or costs that come with paper-related issues?

Jeffrey Hernandez, Vice President of Classic Color, a high-end commercial printer near Chicago, says “A lot of people look at price per pound when buying paper, but I look at cost per operation. When the press isn’t running, you’re not making money, and that’s a huge problem.”

A press run is no place for uncertainty, especially when your calendar is booked and you have projects to deliver on. At that point, performance isn’t the only factor; you also need quality that you can rely on.

Pound for Pound, Husky Leads the Pack


The Husky® The Reliable Choice promotion, available on

Husky strikes the right balance of quality and affordability, so, regardless of what you’re running, you can expect reliable and trouble-free results. North American-made, you can be assured that every sheet is uniform and has excellent formation—meaning fewer surprises and guesswork while on press. When it’s time to print thousands of pieces for an important client, you want the last sheet that comes off the press to look just as good as the first one. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing you are using a paper that can handle anything you put on it

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Nathaniel Cooper, the Creative Director at Design Ranch, was recently interviewed by Deborah Corn, on an episode of Podcasts from the Printerverse. Early in the episode, Nathaniel talks about their paper choice for The Women’s Foundation – We Work for Change piece, saying “So, we wanted all the things that are good about quality paper, but we also wanted that texture and a little bit of that feel to it. And Husky really started to answer a lot of those questions and desires.”


The Women’s Foundation – We Work for Change brochure, check it out in the Domtar Paper Gallery!

Those requests and desires turned into a bold 16-page self-cover with heavy ink coverage, a sophisticated design and an arresting tabloid layout. Trimmed to 28×22” and folded to its finished size at 14×2”, the piece is a true testament to what can happen when there’s collaboration between the merchant, the printer and the designer. Still, I believe the true beauty of Husky® paper lies in its ability to get the job done.



Whether you have a unique ambition like Design Ranch or a routine transactional job ahead of you reprinting one-color statements or full-color brochures, you can trust that Husky is up to the task. Our goal is to make sure that when you’re “working like a dog” on a piece something striking as the Women’s Foundation piece, your efforts are visible upon the page because you’re using a paper that puts quality and performance at the forefront. It means redefining what hard work looks

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