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Who’s Going to Fill Their Shoes?

In my position, I get exposure to a variety of information across our Industry via Conferences, social media and influencers, and reports and conversations from our sales team, who covers all of North America.   I noticed a common thread over the last year or so in the print industry, “How do we attract the next generation of workers who will be producing the goods?”

Besides our dedication to providing top-quality paper, we want to be a resource to the professionals that rely on our products every day.

Over the next few months, I’ll be looking into the print industry and interviewing individuals who are currently employed in a variety of positions.  The goal is to provide first-hand insights into the different positions in the print industry, what is appealing about the work and what skill sets are needed to be successful.

I’ll also provide insights to the requirements needed for each of these positions, from education to experience level to personality traits.

The ambition of this series is to bring awareness to a new generation about an industry that’s still thriving despite the critics. As you read some of the interviews, hopefully, it will spark a ‘fit’ in your mind for someone in your network and share our content with them.

In addition to our blog, we also publish a magazine twice a year along with resource downloads regarding tips and best practices in print marketing, design and more. Subscribe to our magazine to receive the next issue and stay updated on the latest trends in paper, print and design.

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