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Get in the Paper Gallery! Share Your Work and...

Showcase your exceptional designs printed on Cougar or Lynx paper by submitting your work and getting recognition in the Domtar Paper Gallery.

Marie Condo Your Office Space

A clean office space can not only improve productivity but it can also improve your mood. Here are a few tips to Marie Condo your office space.

4 Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Resume t...

Life after college, it can be overwhelming. We've pulled a few graphic design resume tips to help young designers prepare for the future.

What You Can Expect in Binding Trends

Looking for ways to enhance your print design, you may want to consider a bindery technique. Here's a list of the top binding trends in 2019 to consider.

3 Projects Enhanced by Heavyweight Papers

Heavyweight paper can enhance any project— from your company’s high-end brochure to a premium crisp business card. Elevate your brand today!

Resource Alert: Domtar Paper on Podcasts from...

Introducing Podcasts from the Printerverse starring Domtar Paper. Get the latest insight into strategies for print marketing success from our brand experts.

4 Reasons Why Moms Love Paper

Mother’s Day is a special day on which children present their mothers with flowers, but more importantly, creative cards! Here are the reasons why moms love paper!

Pantone’s Color of the Year and Lynx Cream ...

Pantone has picked Living Coral as its 2019 color of the year. Check out how Lynx Cream White accentuates Living Coral by adding dimension and texture.

Tried and True Non-Tech School Supplies

When shopping for back-to-school, it's easy to forgo school supplies like planners & dictionaries. Discover why you shouldn’t write them off just yet!

Paper: The Traditional First Wedding Annivers...

Finding the perfect first anniversary gift is never easy. That's why we believe in simple gestures-the traditional first wedding anniversary gift of paper!
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