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130 lb. Cougar®
Cover, 100 lb. Text and 80 lb. text


Your creative vision brought memorably to life – this is luxury.

Cougar® paper is made from the highest, most exacting standards—reproducing vivid color, rich blacks, luxurious solids and exceptional skin tones. With three finishes, two colors, matching envelopes, an extended digital offering and a vast array of sizes and weights, Cougar can turn any project into a luxurious experience.

cougar luxury - premium paper for marketing


The exceptional printing surface and bright white shade of Cougar create the optimal conditions for gorgeous, vivid color.

cougar luxury - premium paper for marketing 2


Known for its signature velvety feel, Cougar lends a unique tactile richness that makes any brand more memorable. And, Cougar delivers true-to-life skintones that capture the subtlest nuances of mood and expression.

cougar luxury - premium paper for marketing 3


When you choose to print on Cougar, you open a door to a world full of possibilities.