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Tool of the Trade – Husky Print Sample

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The presses are running.  The job is big. Now is not the time for any surprises, especially from your paper. When it comes down to the wire, it’s not bells and whistles that you need. It’s good, solid reliability. Husky is the get-it-done paper that is the right tool for large press runs. First sheet to last, Husky provides consistency and trouble-free performance, every time.

get it done right

Get It Done Right

The paper you select plays a key role in the success of every job that comes off the press.

consistent printing


Every sheet has a uniform surface, with excellent formation. No guesswork. No surprises. This paper is built to perform.

high volume

High Volume

Big jobs require paper that can rise to the challenge. Husky® is the hardest-working paper we offer, and is uniquely qualified for your largest, most demanding jobs.