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6 reasons Why Cougar® is the Paper Brand of …

In many ways, a brand is an act of self-expression. Here are 6 reasons why you should express yourself on Cougar Paper.

Best of the Gallery: Print Marketing Inspirat …

Looking for print marketing inspiration? Curious about the Domtar Paper Gallery? Here are the Top #10 most popular submissions that we have.

The Meaning Behind the 2021 Pantone Color of …

Find out how this year’s color combo perfectly represents the outlook for 2021 – and how to perfectly incorporate it in next year’s jobs.

How to Spot a Trustworthy Brand

Trust is a critical factor when developing brand loyalty and making a purchasing decision for the company you work for and the brands you represent. Brands are rushing to regroup and present themselves as a trusted partner; but how do you know which brands are worthy of your trust?

5 Reasons to Love Cougar Digital Color Copy

Digital printing has evolved into a reliable and high-quality option for printed pieces. Make digital print projects shine with Cougar Digital Color Copy!

The Hallmark of Every Great Brand

At Domtar, we understand the value of Purpose. It’s what gives your brand meaning and that is why we created a custom t-shirt for our brand enthusiasts.

The Secret Ingredient in Cougar® Paper

The secret ingredient in Cougar paper is the people behind the product and their passion for making Cougar paper. Learn more about Rothschild Paper Mill.

The Cougar Mystique

Sight, touch and sound are all part of the Cougar experience. Consistency and reliability make it the go-to sheet for printers, that's the Cougar mystique.

Cougar Paper – 45 Years and Still Evolving! …

Print quality has always been the keystone to the Cougar paper brand and the people at our Rothschild Mill understand the importance of this premier brand.