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3 Quick Ways Paper can Improve Reading Compre …

According to an article from the University of California, San Diego, in 2009, the average American consumed roughly 34 gigabytes of data and informat

Turning Awareness into Action: The Circular E …

September 19 – 26 is Recycling Awareness Week and it’s one of our favorites because it provides us with Read More

2022 Fall Reading Challenge for Designers

This summer, we published a summer reading list scavenger hunt chall

On the Hunt: Our 2022 Summer Reading List

It’s June. We managed to survive the longest day of the year and the first day of Summer. Half the year has already flown by. If you live in the Sou

Juneteenth Spotlight: Furthering a Legacy thr …

Four-Hundred Years of Service

In the early 18th century, several years before becoming a state, France introduced Illinois to sla

6 Times Paper Was Used to Break Major News

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the day the New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers (documents exposing strategy in Vietnam

In Celebration of Poets and Writers

As a life-long reader, I was thrilled to attend the first in-person Poets and Writers gathering since 2019. Here's my story.

Unwrapping the Mystery: Candy Wrappers

Did you know that there’s a science to constructing the perfect Easter basket? You've got to have hard candies, baked goods, tons of chocolate, and,

How to Encourage Your Young Writer

Language holds a special place in our society. As technology continues to advance, our ability to communicate is what will help us make sense of our n

Military Mail: Letters from Home

Here at Domtar, we love discovering how the evolving digital world can work in tandem with printing and paper. From marketing

The Power of a Paper Letter: Letter from Birm …

Would the email from Birmingham Jail carry the same gravitas? I think not. The power of a paper letter stands the test of time.

Making the News: Celebrating Deaf History Thr …

From The Silent Worker to The Washington Post, deaf persons have left an indelible imprint on newspapers, and the paper industry. Here's how:

Bringing Back the Fun in Paper

My wish for kids today and future generations is that we don’t let the craft of making a good old-fashioned airplane die. Let's bring back the fun in paper.