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In Celebration of Poets and Writers

As a life-long reader, I was thrilled to attend the first in-person Poets and Writers gathering since 2019. Here's my story.

Unwrapping the Mystery: Candy Wrappers

Did you know that there’s a science to constructing the perfect Easter basket? You've got to have hard candies, baked goods, tons of chocolate, and,

How to Encourage Your Young Writer

Language holds a special place in our society. As technology continues to advance, our ability to communicate is what will help us make sense of our n

Military Mail: Letters from Home

Here at Domtar, we love discovering how the evolving digital world can work in tandem with printing and paper. From marketing

The Power of a Paper Letter: Letter from Birm …

Would the email from Birmingham Jail carry the same gravitas? I think not. The power of a paper letter stands the test of time.

Making the News: Celebrating Deaf History Thr …

From The Silent Worker to The Washington Post, deaf persons have left an indelible imprint on newspapers, and the paper industry. Here's how:

Bringing Back the Fun in Paper

My wish for kids today and future generations is that we don’t let the craft of making a good old-fashioned airplane die. Let's bring back the fun in paper.