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How Paper Quality Impacts Your Results

We’re in the middle of Q1 and all of those deliverables you have circled on your calendar are fast approaching—your event with hundreds of attende

What’s the Definition of Work Like a Dog?

The print room has never been a place for the faint of heart. Fast-paced, agile and strictly business, few people embody the phrase, “work like a do

Look Beyond the Paper Specifications

When it comes to selecting the right paper for the project, looking beyond paper specifications can make or break your job.

Recycled Office Paper vs. Certified Office Pa …

We all want to do our part in being environmentally conscious. Here are a few things you should know about recycled office paper vs. certified office paper.

Offset, Digital, Production Inkjet Printing …

How do you outline the main benefits of popular printing technologies from a print customer perspective? We've got the blueprint.

Direct Mail That Dominates The Mailbox

Learn the importance of choosing the right elements to ensure your direct mail dominates the mailbox—techniques, paper choice, no problem!

Sustainability 101: Recycled vs. Recyclable

Recycled and recyclable, tomato/tomahto, right? Actually, there's more to it. We're teaching Sustainability 101 and class is in session.

Enhance Productivity with Office Paper Small …

If you want to stay productive, having the proper work set-up each day is crucial. Surprisingly, office paper can help.

How to Read a Paper Ream

What in the world do all those numbers and symbols on the front of a paper pack mean? We have you covered. Learn how to read a paper ream.

Life made easier with Lettermark™ Punched a …

Introducing Lettermark™ Punched and Perfed Papers, replacing Willcopy® Custom Cuts. No changes to the product, just a new name and packaging.

6 reasons Why Cougar® is the Paper Brand of …

In many ways, a brand is an act of self-expression. Here are 6 reasons why you should express yourself on Cougar Paper.

Design Strategy – The Impact of Color in a …

Smart creatives know the value of print when it comes to helping brands connect with their audience and the impact of color in a printed piece

How to Spec the Perfect Paper for your Brand

As a creative, you owe your brand the opportunity to get noticed. So, how do you select the perfect paper for your brand? Here are 4 key tips

Exploring Production Inkjet? Choose the Right …

As your business evolves to embrace new technology; such as, production inkjet technology, depend on Domtar to adapt alongside you.

Is Cheaper Paper Worth the Risk?

For printers, the right paper can make the difference between a “one and done” customer and one that sticks around. Is cheaper paper worth the risk?

Paper that Sends the Right Message and Streng …

The choices you make in the design process can have an important impact on your brand position. Choosing the right paper can strengthen your brand.

There’s More To Packaging Designs

Innovative and attractive packaging design is an art. Here's a look back into our gallery at a design that grabbed our attention. Designed on Cougar Vellum.

When Should You Start the Paper Selection Pro …

Avoid disappointments by learning when you should start the paper selection process and what to look for before starting your design.

Paper Finishes for White Paper, More than Mee …

When we talk about a paper’s finish, we are referring to the tactile feel of the sheet itself. Paper comes in a pretty wide range of finishes. Read more and stay informed.

How to Make the Paper Swatchbook Work for You …

Looking for ways to maximize your print budget and stay on schedule. Here are some tips on how to make the paper swatchbook work for you.

How to Use the Paper Swatchbook

New to the print industry? Make sure you know how to use the paper swatchbook to minimize production issues and blowing your print budget.

Digital Printing and Not So “Plain” Paper …

When it comes to putting ink on paper, one would think that plain paper is all the same. Well, we're here to tell you, there's a lot more to talk.

Looking into High-Speed Production Inkjet?

Jeff Matos at Broadridge shares what he's learned and why paper is critical as an early adopter looking into high-speed production inkjet technology.

How to Read a Paper Swatchbook

Understanding how to read a paper swatchbook can make a big impact in understanding the basic of paper. We provide the basics and much more in our blog.